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Heating Repair Needs to Watch for at the End of Winter

It’s still winter, but with February more than half over, spring is already coming up over the horizon. You’ll still need your home’s heating system working away for a stretch longer. Since the heater has already put in a good deal of work, now is when you should pay special attention to it. The stress of steady operation may cause it to malfunction, and if it does, you must call HVAC technicians to repair it right away rather than hope you can coast out the rest of the season. The faster the problem fixed, the less the repair work is likely to cost, and the smaller the chance of the problem spreading to create greater trouble.

Here are a few late-season problems you may run into

  • Miscalibrated thermostat: A common problem people encounter with heating is often not actually a problem with the heater itself, but with the thermostat. A thermostat can lose its calibration over the winter and begin to misread the temperatures, leading to odd heater behavior and poor comfort. When you call professionals, they will be able to diagnose if the issues stem from thermostat problems.
  • Broken electronic ignition systems: Gas furnaces are the most common way to heat homes today. But something you need to keep in mind is that even gas furnaces still rely on electricity to some degree. Modern gas furnaces use electronic ignition systems rather than standing pilot lights to ignite the burners. The igniter can fail after a full winter of use, causing the furnace not to provide heat on at all. Call professionals to replace the ignition system.
  • Failing motors: For forced-air heating systems (which include heat pumps and all types of furnaces) the blower motor is an essential part of operation. If it isn’t working, the heated air won’t go anywhere. The motor that turns the blower fan, usually a squirrel-cage motor, can wear down over the winter because of dust and lack of lubrication. If you hear screeching sounds from your heater or detect an acrid smell coming from the vents, call for professionals. They may be able to repair the motor before it burns out.

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