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Electrical Wiring and Rewiring in Eugene, OR

The electrical panel of your home can be considered the “heart” of electrical system, so consider your electrical wiring the veins and arteries. The wiring is what allows the electricity to get to the outlets that you need. You need a qualified technician to service all the electrical aspects of your home and ensure that everything runs well.

This isn’t the right time to hire a “technician” whose qualifications are vague or a handyman who swears they can complete the job at a lowered price. You need to hire a trained, licensed, and qualified technician for your electrical work. There’s way too much at risk for you to leave anything to chance.

If you’re looking for great electrical wiring and rewiring services in Eugene, contact our team here at Comfort Flow Heating.

How to Know When You Need These Services

How can you tell when it’s the right time to call? Look for these signs:

  • Charred Outlets: If you start to notice a reddish discoloration on your covers, switches, or outlets, this means that you have wiring problems that have caused a small electrical fire. Don’t use this particular outlet or switch anymore until you can call an electrician.
  • Frequently Tripped Breakers: Are you always running back to your panel to reset a tripped circuit breaker? Then you have a problem with the wiring in your home. Have an electrician take a closer look at your system to determine the next steps to take.
  • Flickering Lights: No ghosts here, just a problem with your electrical wiring. If your lights dim or flicker, it’s time to call a professional for service.

The Best Licensed Electricians in Eugene

A good rule of thumb to follow is this: if you live in an older home (a home thirty years or older) then the risk of you having a significant electrical problem is much higher than if you lived in a newer home. Unfortunately, wiring services weren’t always up to par even a few decades back—this wiring wasn’t always well-grounded or insulated so it puts your home at a higher risk of an electrical fire.

It’s also highly likely that your home uses a lot more power now than it did when it was originally built. Appliances you use today, like your washer and dryer, your smart phones, and other modern devices all rely on electricity to charge. If you have a higher demand for electricity, you might need to consider a rewire.

Our Services are Comprehensive and Affordable

When you choose Comfort Flow Heating you won’t have to worry about the quality of the service you’re getting. Our team has been here in Oregon since 1961 and throughout our 60 years in business, we’ve fine-tuned our craft. We understand how important it is to go above and beyond the average, so we create real bonds with all our customers.

We also understand what you want as a homeowner here in Eugene because we’re locals too! We understand the unique factors that affect the quality of homes in Lane County. We value your customers time and know that knowledge is a key priority. 

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