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Commercial Rooftop Unit Services in Eugene, OR

If you are preparing to have a rooftop unit installed in your commercial space, there are a number of factors to consider. While rooftop units offer increased efficiency, exceptional capacity, and top–notch comfort levels, there are number of different models and types to choose from as well as features that may or may not be a benefit to your building. That is why, when you are ready to have a new system installed, it is important to call an area expert like Comfort Flow Heating to help you choose the right model for your building.

We can help you select a new commercial rooftop unit for your Eugene building and ensure it is properly installed from day one to provide ample, affordable heating and cooling for your employees and customers year round. Give us a call to schedule rooftop unit services in Eugene, OR and the surrounding area.

Choosing the Right Rooftop Unit in Eugene

The first step in choosing a rooftop unit for your building is to make sure that it is properly sized for your needs. Even if you have an existing rooftop unit, we highly recommend you have a professional visit your building and determine the exact size of the system that will work best in your space. It is always possible that the existing system was improperly sized or that your needs have changed with the addition of new ventilation equipment or upgrades to your ductwork.

After we determine the specific size that will work best for your building, we can look at other issues such as energy efficiency. Rooftop units are generally more efficient than other heating and air conditioning systems because they are self–contained. However, there are a number of different options available in terms of the efficiency of the heating system, air conditioner, and other components involved in the rooftop unit. Additionally upgrades such as a building control system or energy recovery ventilation can increase the efficiency of your system substantially. We can discuss these options with you and help you determine what will work best for your budget.

Installing Your New Rooftop Unit in Springfield, OR

Once we have helped you select the right rooftop unit for your building, we will work to install it. The first step is to remove any existing components from your building. If you have an existing rooftop unit, this can be a substantial job and will be scheduled in advance. If you do not have an existing rooftop unit, we may need to prepare the roof for the installation of a new unit. Other systems may also need to be upgraded, including your ventilation system and your ductwork. Once this is all done, the final installation process can be completed in a single day.

If you are ready to learn more about having a rooftop unit installed in your building, give Comfort Flow a call today. We have been working with businesses throughout Springfield, OR for many years and can ensure that you have the right system in place for your employees, customers, and budget. Whether it is installation of a new rooftop unit or maintenance and repair of an existing unit, we can help. Call us today to schedule commercial HVAC services in Eugene, OR and the surrounding area.

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