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Commercial Boiler Installation, Repair & Maintenance in Eugene, OR

As a business owner you know how important it is to have a well–maintained heating system installed in your commercial space. A commercial boiler will provide the kind of reliable, affordable heat you need to keep your employees and customers comfortable throughout the year. When it comes time to select a new commercial boiler or if you need maintenance and repair services completed on your existing commercial boiler, call the experts of Comfort Flow Heating.

We have worked with commercial boilers throughout Eugene and can ensure yours is properly installed, well maintained and, if it ever becomes necessary, quickly repaired. Contact us today to schedule boiler services in Eugene, OR and the surrounding area.

Eugene Commercial Boiler Installation

If you need a new commercial boiler installed in your building, the first step is to give us a call, so we can visit your building at perform a heat load calculation. During this process, we will inspect your entire heating system and determine what components need to be upgraded. We will also perform a thorough calculation of the size of the boiler that will best fit your building.

After we determine the best fit for your building, we will make any necessary upgrades to the exhaust system, ventilation and ductwork, building control system, or other components of your heating system that will be needed to support the new boiler. We will then remove your existing boiler or other heating system and prepare the building for installation. Finally, we can install the new boiler and test it to ensure it works properly. Upgrades such as electronic monitoring and building controls can also be added at this time to provide enhanced oversight of your boiler’s operation.

Eugene Commercial Boiler Repair and Maintenance

If you have an existing commercial boiler that is not quite ready to be replaced and if you would like to ensure it continues to work properly for many more years to come, give us a call. We offer comprehensive commercial maintenance plans available for annual or quarterly checkups. During these maintenance visits, we will ensure your boiler is in proper working order and that there will be no repairs needed or early replacement as a result of excess wear and tear.

If a problem develops with your boiler and you would like to have a professional take a look at it, we are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to perform emergency repairs. We can also schedule a time to visit your building and inspect the boiler to check for any specific problems.

Whatever your commercial boiler needs, give Comfort Flow a call today. We have been working with businesses throughout Eugene for many decades and can ensure that your system is properly installed, well–maintained, and in perfect working order throughout the year to provide reliable heat at an affordable rate. Call us today to schedule commercial HVAC services in Eugene, OR and the surrounding area.

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