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Electrical Panels in Eugene, OR

If you’re the typical homeowner, you probably try not to mess with your electrical panel too much. They’re somewhat of a mystery. It may seem that the only thing your electrical panels does is deliver electricity, but in actuality, it also acts as a safety device. Electrical panels channel the turbulent electrical currents that flow into your home is a safe manner. This is the most important part of the electrical system in your home. If you need electrical panel installation, electrical panel repair, electrical panel replacement, or electrical panel maintenance, you can count on us.

We’ve worked here in the area for the past 60 years, we have experience that helps us truly understand what homeowners need here in Eugene. If you need sound electrical services that you can count on, we have technicians with the appropriate knowledge.

When you need services for your electrical panel, contact Comfort Flow Heating.

The Importance of Your Electrical Panel

We cover any electrical service you might need—electrical panel installation, electrical panel repair, electrical panel replacement, and electrical panel maintenance. Your electrical panel is what allows all the varying gadgets, tools, and appliances throughout your home to run. It receives power from your local electrical company and distributes it evenly out to the various outlets in your home. If your electrical panel doesn’t operate properly then the comfort of your home will greatly decrease. You won’t be able to get all the power that you need.

Your electrical panel also shuts off the power flowing through your home in the case of an emergency. This prevents any severe damage to your home, family members, or electrical system in the process. If you need service for your electrical panel, you need the assistance of our smart, diligent team.

Do You Need an Upgrade?

Here are few signs that it’s time to upgrade your electrical panel:

  • Your Circuit Breakers Always Trip: Do you always have to go tromping to your electric panel after plugging in an appliance? Circuit breakers frequently tripping means that your electric panel can’t keep up with the demand of your home—this is a big problem. Contact a professional for assistance.
  • Dim Lights: Do your lights flicker on and off when you turn on your appliances? It’s probably not anything insidious or supernatural—it’s more than likely just a problem with your electrical panel. This indicates that the draw on your system is too heavy.
  • You Still Have Fuses: If you still have fuses, you definitely need an upgrade. This is an outdated way to manage the electricity in your home. Fuses can’t provide the power that most homes in Eugene need, contact our team to learn about more modern options.

Call Us at the First Sign of a Problem

If you’re experiencing any of the problems listed above, it’s time for an upgrade. Make sure you contact our team at your earliest convenience. Only licensed and trained electricians should perform work on your electrical system. Don’t leave this job to anyone else. If you’re worried about pricing, you don’t have to worry with our team, we always provide quality service at affordable prices.

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