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UV Germicidal Light Installation Services in Eugene, OR

A UV germicidal light can be a fantastic upgrade for your home by providing protection against unwanted bacteria and viruses that might otherwise circulate through your home’s ductwork and ventilation system. Comfort Flow Heating offers a full range of UV germicidal light installation services, ensuring that every member of your family remains safe and free of recurring illness throughout the year.

If you are interested in having a UV germicidal light installed in your Eugene, OR home, call us today and setup a time for a thorough inspection and estimate.

The Benefits of a UV Germicidal Light System in Your Eugene, OR Home

UV germicidal lights are designed to kill germs as they pass through your ductwork. They do this by emitting a small dose of ultraviolet light that will scramble their cells and kill them on contact. Ultraviolet light, while invisible to the naked eye, is incredibly volatile. It causes damage to most organic compounds on contact – hence the reason we get sunburns if we stay outside too long without any protection.

Therefore, when concentrated and delivered into your ductwork, that ultraviolet light will kill any single cell organisms like bacteria and viruses as they pass. It is a simple, yet effective system that is affordable and yet can greatly reduce the presence of illness in your home.

Installing a New UV Germicidal Light System in Your Eugene, OR Home

If you are interested in having one of these systems installed in your home, call us today to inspect your air handler and ductwork system and recommend a model that fits your particular needs.

The installation process can be completed in less than a couple of hours, and the system will be placed out of sight, inside your ductwork where you and your family do not have to see it. The small amount of light emitted is safe for pets and children, and the system can be inspected and maintained once a year with the rest of your home’s ductwork and indoor air quality system. It is an efficient, effective way to increase air quality in your home.

To learn more about UV germicidal light installation in your Eugene, OR home, call the experts of Comfort Flow today and ask to talk with one of our indoor air quality experts.

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