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Humidifier Installation Services in Eugene, OR

Humidity control is an important component of indoor air quality for homes throughout the Eugene region. If you are tired of dry air exacerbating cold and flu symptoms in the winter or drying out your wood furniture, call the experts of Comfort Flow Heating today to learn more about your humidifier installation options. We can help you choose a new humidifier that will provide ample year round humidity control for your entire home.

Since 1961, Comfort Flow has been a trusted provider of HVAC and air quality services in the Willamette Valley and can ensure you and your family remain comfortable all times throughout the year. Call today to learn more.

Choosing a New Humidifier for Your Eugene Home

If the time comes to have a new humidifier installed in your Eugene home, the first step is to choose a model that matches your specific needs. Humidifiers come in a number of different sizes designed to provide humidity for different types and sizes of homes. If you live in a 3000 square–foot home, you do not need a humidifier that provides humidity for a 4000 square–foot home.

There are other factors that might affect the size of the humidifier installed your home as well. The type of air handler you have, the type of ductwork and ventilation system you have, and the type of heating and air–conditioning systems you have will also affect the type of humidifier you want installed. That is why it is important to call a licensed professional to inspect your system and help you decide which kind of humidifier is the best choice for your home.

Benefits of a New Humidifier in Your Eugene Home

In terms of benefits, humidifiers offer a number of clear benefits at a relatively low–cost. Installation of any humidifier will reduce the effects of low humidity on members of your family when they are sick in the winter, will reduce the effect of low humidity on furniture and woodwork, and will improve the efficiency of your heating system.

For your system to be as efficient as possible, humidity levels need to be a relatively decent level. Low humidity can reduce the efficiency of your heating system and increase your bills. Therefore, the new humidifier will increase the efficiency of your heating system and keep your bills down.

If you are ready to learn more about humidity control in your home, call the experts of Comfort Flow today. We can help you choose a new humidifier, install it for you and ensure it continues to work properly each year with annual tune–ups and preventive maintenance service.

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