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Ductless Mini Split Systems in Eugene, OR

One of the most effective forms of heating and air conditioning currently on the market is ductless mini split air conditioning. Mitsubishi offer some of the top rated ducted and ductless mini split heating and air conditioning systems currently available, and we are proud to carry them. To learn more about the full range of Mitsubishi HVAC products we carry, call Comfort Flow Heating today.

For more than 60 years, we have been a trusted partner for thousands of homeowners throughout the Eugene, OR region and can help you choose a system that is a perfect for your home. Call today to schedule heating and air conditioning services in Eugene, OR and the surrounding area.

Choosing a New Mitsubishi Ducted or Ductless Mini Split System for Your Eugene, OR Home


There are many options available when choosing a new Mitsubishi ducted or ductless mini split air conditioning system for your home. The first thing you must decide is how many units you would like inside your own. Mitsubishi makes it possible to have up to eight units in your home at one time. The number of units you select will affect the type of condenser you buy as certain systems support a different number of indoor units.

Keep in mind that top rated Mitsubishi ductless systems have much higher SEER ratings than some ducted systems because there is no air loss in the ductwork. These are good for smaller homes or single rooms. Systems designed to heat or cool large spaces may not get the same extremely high efficiency ratings.

Some of the top rated Mitsubishi models include:

When buying a new Mitsubishi system, you must purchase both an outdoor condenser and one or more indoor units; all of which can be matched according to your needs.

For indoor units, the top rated models include the MXZ–8B48NA which is rated for up to 8 indoor units, the MXZ–4B36NA is rated for 4 indoor units and the MXZ–3B30NA is rated for 3 indoor units. The top efficiency models tend to support fewer units, so if you have a smaller home or only need a limited amount of cooling or heating in your home, consider one of these to save a tremendous amount on your bills.

Indoor units come in sizes ranging between 9,000 and 22,000 BTUh meaning you can provide heating or cooling for single rooms up to 800 square feet – often the equivalent of a single floor of a home. The MSZ–FE09 and 12NA offer SEER ratings of up to 26 and HSPF ratings of up to 10.6, the top rated available from Mitsubishi. You can also opt for simpler models that offer SEER ratings starting at 13 and are much more affordable up front.

Floor and horizontal ducted models are also available to give you flexibility in the installation of your new system.

If you are ready to have a new ducted or ductless Mitsubishi mini split air conditioning and heating system installed in your Eugene home, call Comfort Flow today and ask to talk with one of our heating and cooling experts. We will help you choose the right model and then install it for you right away.

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