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Air Cleaner Services in Eugene, OR

Air cleaner technology is designed to remove a wide range of allergens from your indoor air. This is important especially if you have a number of allergens or pollutants that could cause health problems for members of your family. Although most people do not suffer from extensive allergies, some people have strong seasonal allergies or symptoms from asthma.

If you live in the Eugene, OR area and are concerned about the air quality in your home, call Comfort Flow Heating today. We can help you choose the right air cleaner for your home and then ensure it is properly installed and well maintained over time to provide ample filtration and purification to ensure the health of every member of your family. Give us a call to schedule air cleaner services in Eugene, OR and the surrounding area.

Types of Air Cleaners on the Market in Springfield, OR

There are number of different types of air cleaners currently on the market. The most common type of air cleaner is a combination filter/cleaner that removes contaminants by running them through a media filter. This media filter will remove contaminants based on the thickness and composition of the filter. Stock filters, such as those that come with your air handler, remove only a small volume of allergens present in everyday homes. However, with even a simple upgrade, you can enjoy much cleaner air by removing up to six times as many air contaminants.

An electronic cleaner is one that actively removes contaminants that may be too small for a filter to remove. Air cleaners such as this often include electronic systems that ionize and remove smaller particles from the air in your home. This includes things like smoke and exhaust fumes. While these contaminants may not be present in every home, if they are present in your home, you want to make sure that you have an air cleaner that will effectively remove them.

Installing Your New Springfield, OR Air Cleaner

Once you select a new air cleaner for your home, it is time to have it installed. Most air cleaners can be installed directly on the air handler or furnace. However, if you do not have a compatible furnace or air handler unit, we may need to make an upgrade to support the new air cleaner. We can determine if this is necessary during an initial inspection.

To learn more about your cleaners and which type of system will be at the best fit for your home, call Comfort Flow today. We have been providing expert air quality control services for homes throughout the Springfield, OR area for more than 60 years and can ensure that yours remains clean and safe for many more to come.

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