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Ceiling Fans in Eugene, OR

When you think of heating or cooling your home, your mind probably immediately travels to the thought of a furnace or air conditioner. We find that when homeowners think of ceiling fans, they only think of having them in absence of regular HVAC systems, but ceiling fans are a great system to have in addition to your preexisting heating and cooling systems in your home.

We provide the best ceiling fan installation, ceiling fan repair, and ceiling fan replacement in the area. If you want to boost your home comfort and lower your energy bills, contact our team. We can help you decide if your home is a good candidate for a ceiling fan and draft up a plan to implement these systems into your home.

Ceiling fans are a great addition to any home in Eugene, contact Comfort Flow Heating today to get more information about installing a fan in your home.

How Ceiling Fans Help

So, you might be wondering, "How do ceiling fans help my home?" Ceiling fans create the movement of air throughout a room. You probably know how these systems work in hot weather—they push air from the top of the room downward to create a breeze that removes all the heat enveloped around your body. We think it’s important to emphasize that your ceiling fan cools you, not the room. So, when you run a ceiling fan in the summer you feel cooler because of the breeze.

Ceiling fans can help you out in winter too. When you run a ceiling fan in winter, try reversing the direction of the blades. Ceiling fans collect the heat that naturally accumulates toward the ceiling in winter and redistributes it evenly throughout the room so that you get the most from your heating.

Boost the Quality of Your Home’s HVAC

When you properly use a ceiling fan in summer or in winter, they can help you lower your household’s reliance on traditional HVAC and lower your energy bill by 15%. For a ceiling fan to really work for your home, you need to make sure that they receive professional installation from a great team.

Without the right installation, you won’t receive the right wiring. Without the right wiring, you won’t receive all the benefits of the ceiling fan and the investment will become a huge waste of time and money or, even worse, the ceiling fan can start to wobble and damage your ceiling. Do your heating and cooling services justice—hire our team.

Trust Our Team at Comfort Flow Heating

You can trust us with all your ceiling fan needs including ceiling fan installation, ceiling fan repair, and ceiling fan replacement. We’re a reputable team here in Oregon for a reason. We’ve worked here in the community since 1961 and throughout our 60 years in business, we’ve come a long way. Although technology has changed throughout the years, and we’re proud to say we’ve always remained on the forefront, some things about us stay the same. We’ve always stayed true to our foundation of integrity and superior service.

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