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The Benefits of Pre-Season Heating Maintenance

Wednesday, September 25th, 2013

Your heating system probably hasn’t stayed on your mind during the warm Oregon summer. But during that time it has had opportunities to develop problems and gather dust. Even if it turns on for you with no trouble, it is less likely to stay problem-free without a maintenance check-up. When it comes to your Eugene, OR heating needs, don’t take chances: schedule preventive maintenance on your home’s heater sooner rather than later.

Comfort Flow Heating has a half century of experience with heating repairs, so we know why getting maintenance is so crucial. Here are some of the benefits of scheduling pre-season maintenance to consider.

More efficient performance

When a maintenance technician comes to your home, you will receive a thorough inspection of all the components of your system. The technician will locate places that need cleaning, find loose connections or leaks that require repairs, and identify anything else that could impede your heater from giving you the best performance possible when the temperature drops. A heater that runs inefficiently will also cost you more on your energy bills; maintenance will make certain you don’t have an overworked system.

Longer system lifespan

Any machine starts to wear down after years of work. However, if a machine is maintained correctly, it will not age as rapidly. Before your heater launches into doing its hardest work of the year, a maintenance check will spot where it is suffering higher wear. Getting a tune-up means less strain during the fall and winter for your heater, and it will give you many more years of warmth.

Prevent an inconvenient breakdown

A good maintenance job will provide you with confidence that your heater is much less likely to suffer a major failure and shut down during a cold spell. Even if an HVAC company can get out to you to fix the problem fast, you will still have a very uncomfortable time in your home without your heater. Head off a breakdown before the worst cold sets in.

It’s easier to schedule an appointment

The summer is a packed time for HVAC technicians. The winter is as well—emergency calls keep them occupied most of the week. The calm time in early fall is when you will have the easiest time getting an appointment for maintenance that works for you and the technicians.

At Comfort Flow Heating, we recommend an annual heating check-up during the fall. Our highly-trained Eugene heating maintenance technicians can save you the headaches of future repairs and the pain of high energy bills with our service. In Eugene, OR, heating your home with the help of Comfort Flow Heating will make the coming months comfy and cozy.

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What Type of Heater Is Right for Your Home?

Monday, September 16th, 2013

If you are thinking about installing a heater in your home—whether you’ve moved into a new house or you want to replace an older system—you will face many choices. Modern heating technology has advanced to offer numerous quality options, but you shouldn’t simply pick one and hope for the best. Homes have individual needs, and you should have the right heating system to fill those needs and perform efficiently. When you are ready for heating services, call our Eugene, OR heating installation experts at Comfort Flow Heating.

To correctly gauge the best type of heater for your home, you need an experienced technician to conduct a heat load calculation. This is a specialized service that takes into consideration the square footage of your home, the number of people living there, the size and position of your windows, the amount of heat produced by other appliances, and many other factors. An HVAC professional inserts this data into an equation to calculate your home’s heat load. Not only will this provide a guide for what type of heater will best serve you, it also determines the best size heater to get.

Some of the kinds of heaters to consider:

Heat Pumps

This is a useful option, since heat pumps can also function as an air conditioner when the weather turns warms. In simple terms, a heat pump is an AC that can reverse the flow of hot air so that instead of pulling hot air out of your home, it puts it into your home. Heat pumps are reliable and sturdy, but may have trouble overcoming extreme cold conditions.


If your home already has existing ductwork for air conditioning, getting a furnace may be a good choice. Modern furnaces can run on gas, oil, or electricity. The variety of types makes furnaces one of the most flexible options for home heating.


Boilers heat up water in a tank and then circulate steam or hot water through pipes and radiators to warm up your house. Boilers don’t require ducts, and because they don’t circulate air to provide heat, they can offer improved air quality.

Installing a heater is a complicated task you should leave to professionals. Contact Comfort Flow Heating today for your Eugene, OR heating installation needs. You’ll see why we’ve grown to serve over 20,000 clients.

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How To Prepare Your Heating System for The Fall

Wednesday, September 11th, 2013

As we continue to roll into fall, many homeowners may be starting to think about turning on their heater for the first time since summer. However, before you do that, there are a few things you may want to think about doing to prepare your heater for the fall and winter. Read on below and then give us a call here at Comfort Flow Heating if you have any questions about our Springfield, OR heating services.

Here’s a Springfield, OR Heat Tip On How to Prepare Your Heater for the Fall Season

Here are a few things that you can do to make sure that you get great heating all fall and winter long:

Heating Maintenance

Probably the best thing that you can do for the efficiency and effectiveness of your heating system is to get it maintained by a professional before the cold weather really arrives. When your Springfield, OR heating technicians visit your home, they will perform a thorough inspection of your heating system. They will clean out all of the components, lubricate the motors, check the electrical and fuel systems, and they will also alert you to any problems that they might find. Doing this can help you find any small issues early and clear out any problems that could have developed over the summer. There are a few very important benefits to doing this including:

  • Reduced repair
  • Increased efficiency
  • Extended equipment life

Change the Air Filter

Another important thing to do for your heating system is to change the air filter. If you’re like many homeowners, then your air conditioning system likely uses the same air filter to keep dust and dirt from getting into its moving parts. Changing the air filter after all the summer use that your AC got could help keep air flowing freely through the system.

Give us a call here at Comfort Flow Heating if you need any kind of Springfield, OR heating services like repair, installation or maintenance.

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