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Prepare for the Spring with Duct Cleaning

You don’t have to wait for the actual spring to start with spring cleaning. In fact, when it comes to the ventilation system in your home that carries air from the heater and AC to the various rooms, it’s a good idea to get started with cleaning before spring arrives and the weather starts to change.

Professional duct cleaning is a service you can have done at any time of the year, but there’s never a good reason to delay it if it’s overdue. Call our team today to schedule the service.

How Can I Tell if I Need Duct Cleaning?

There are signs that will warn you that your HVAC system has become overly clogged with dust and debris. If you’ve noticed over the winter that your heating bills have started to climb, that’s probably a warning that air flow is being restricted because of layers of dust along the duct walls. You might also find parts of the home are collecting dust faster than normal, and this is probably coming from the reservoir of debris with in the ducts.

However, there is a very easy way to check on the condition of the ductwork. Take off the register over one of the room vents, then reach inside with a smart phone or digital camera and take a flash picture. If the image you see on the camera resembles a clogged car air filter, then the ducts are past due for cleaning.

In general, duct cleaning should be done every 3 to 5 years, so if it’s been this long since you last schedule the work, right now is definitely the right time to arrange for it. Have the ductwork cleaned before your air conditioning system comes on in the mid to late-spring, and your HVAC system will start cooling season in great condition.

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