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The Benefits of a Whole-Home Air Purifier

woman-comfortable-on-her-couch-leaning-back-with-closed-eyesWhen you step outside and take a deep breath you may think to yourself, ahhhh, fresh air! We often associate the outdoors with fresh air that’s full of oxygen that keeps us healthy. But the air is also full of allergens and contaminants, too. No matter where you are, there is some combination of pollen, mold, and other particles in the air.

When you’re inside, it’s even worse. You carry in germs like viruses and bacteria that then circulate through your air and even multiply and spread. Your HVAC system has an air filter, but it can only do so much to filter out these contaminants. But an air purifier can make a huge difference in your home’s indoor air quality. If you’re interested in air purifiers in Salem, OR, our team can help.

Stay Safe Indoors

When you’re at home you probably feel pretty safe. But when you consider the allergens and contaminants in the air, you’re really not. And experts estimate that the average person spends around 93% of their time inside – whether at home or elsewhere – so you want that air to be clean. 

When you invest in a whole-house air purifier you can breathe easy knowing that your air is free from dangerous particles. In fact, you might start to notice a difference in your health, how well you sleep, and how you feel. When you eliminate the things that lead to allergy symptoms and illness, you experience those things less often. 

Is Your Air Safe or Not?

You may be wondering about the indoor air quality of your home. Is your air quality really that bad? Our team can conduct an air quality test to see what types of contaminants are in your air and at what levels. You can also pay attention to the signs of poor air quality, like:

  • Condensation inside your windows
  • Your AC unit smells bad
  • Dust gathering inside your air ducts
  • Feeling like your air is thick or stuffy

Benefits of a Whole-House Air Purifier

You can stop by your local hardware store and pick up an air purifier that plugs into your wall. It’s already put together and all you have to do is plug it in. While this type of air purifier works fine, there is only so much it can do. Most plug-in air purifiers are only rated to serve a single room of your home. Plus, they take up extra space.

A whole-house air purifier is different. Most of these units mount inside your existing HVAC system so it’s out of sight. This type of air purifier cleans the air before it ever enters your home instead of cleaning air that is already circulating. Plus, whole-house air purifiers are energy efficient. 

They use so little energy that you probably won’t notice a difference in your energy bill each month. You may even find that your energy bill gets cheaper because a whole-house air purifier can actually make your entire HVAC system more efficient. 

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