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How Addressing Your Indoor Air Quality Can Help with Allergies

Although spring is the worst enemy for someone with allergies, it can be a year-round issue. While you can’t do much about pollen and allergens in the outside air, you can find relief when you’re at home. Or at least you should be able to–if you have poor indoor air quality though you may encounter just as much trouble in the home as you do outside.

The easiest solution is to address your air quality by installing a whole-house air purifier in Coos Bay, OR. These are specially made to remove debris in the air such as pollen, bacteria, mold spores, and more.

Let’s take a look at how air purifiers work and they can have a significant impact on your health and overall comfort. Plus, we’ll give you a few additional signs that it would be a worthwhile investment beyond allergy complications.

What is a Whole-House Air Purifier and How Do They Work?

Simply put, a whole-house air purifier is an indoor air quality system that’s installed within your HVAC system that removes contaminants from the air. When air is cycled throughout the house, it’s moved through a filter that takes all of the nasty stuff out of the air– leaving you with clean, fresh, and safe air to breathe in.

However, some pollutants are too small to be captured by traditional filters. Therefore, it’s better to get an electric or UV purifier that will ionize and destroy the smaller particles that would otherwise slip by and get back into the house.

How Does Bad Air Quality Impact Allergies and My Health?

As mentioned, there are many pollutants like pollen, dust, dirt, pet dander, and more than can flare up someone’s allergies. What’s more, there are worse things such as bacteria, viruses, and mold spores that can cause even more respiratory issues and severe health problems. Inside your home, these can build up and exacerbate these problems for you. However, a whole-house air purifier can help remove many of these irritants and pollutants from the air.

What are Some Other Signs I Need A Whole-House Air Purifier?

Beyond the health benefits, an air purifier can help in other ways such as protecting your home from mold growth, removing dust, and more. Here are some additional signs that it’s time for you to install a whole-house air purifier.

There’s Excessive Dust Around Your Home

If you’re seeing a lot of dust everywhere, especially around the vents, then that’s a sign you have poor indoor air quality. Dust is a combination of many things, all of which you want to have removed.

There’s a Musty or Strange Smell

If you’re constantly smelling a musty or “off” scent, it could relate to something like mold, mildew, or bacteria build-up somewhere. Aside from the foul smell, this presents a health problem for you and your family.

The Air in Your Home Is Stale or Stuffy

Does it feel like you never get fresh air inside of your home? That’s another sign that your indoor air quality isn’t as great as it should be and a whole-house air purifier is an optimal solution.

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