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Nominate The Best of the Best!

Tuesday, May 25th, 2021

best-of-the-best-readers-choice-logoIt’s that time of the year again! The Register-Guard has opened up nominations for the “Best of the Best” businesses, people, and places in our community.

Comfort Flow Heating is honored to be considered and we know we couldn’t have gotten here without you. Nominations can be made here and are open through May 28th until 11:59pm Pacific. The top companies that get the most nominations in each category will advance to the voting round that will begin July 9th and run through the month.

We look forward to your nomination and thank you for being a valued customer.

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Can I Fix My Air Conditioner?

Monday, May 24th, 2021

technician-working-on-ac-unitWhen something goes wrong with your air conditioning system, it can be a big problem. There is the obvious immediate issue of poor cooling for your home along with the additional troubles of higher energy bills and potential added strain on the system. An AC in need of repairs isn’t something to ignore.

But a malfunctioning AC isn’t something you should try to fix on your own. We know that the internet is rife with DIY solutions for a faulty air conditioner, but opening up this system and trying to fix it yourself is not going to end up the way you want it to. In a majority of cases, DIY repair attempts often end up damaging an air conditioner more than anything else. Your best option if something goes wrong with your AC is to contact a professional for air conditioning repair in Eugene, OR.

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How to Best Prepare Your AC for Summer

Monday, May 10th, 2021

two-techs-working-on-ac-unitWhile it may take a little bit longer for temperatures to warm up around here than it does in other parts of the country, it’s no secret that relatively speaking, our summers are hot. Therefore, you need a highly efficient and effective air conditioner to keep you cool throughout the season. True, if something goes wrong with your air conditioner, our team is here to help you with prompt and reliable repairs. But wouldn’t you like to avoid air conditioner repairs if you could?

Well, you can! With proper care, your air conditioner can work reliably and efficiently as possible throughout its entire lifespan. The average air conditioner can last 10–15 years when properly cared for. But without proper care, you can expect that lifespan to be cut in half.

Read on as we provide a few tips on how to best prepare your air conditioner for summer.

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