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Why Your Air Conditioning System Fails to Start

Tuesday, July 30th, 2013

One of the most common problems involving your HVAC system occurs when your air conditioning system fails to start. This can be especially frustrating during the dog days of summer when heat and humidity are at their highest. You need to make sure that your air conditioner is functional at all times because when it doesn’t work properly, your home can quickly become an uncomfortable place to live. There are numerous reasons why your air conditioner may fail to start, and in order to look at this problem in more detail, we’ve made it the subject of today’s blog post. No matter what type or brand of AC you may have, you can depend on Comfort Flow Heating all cooling season long for professional air conditioning repair service in Springfield, OR. Call us today.

As you know all too well, your air conditioner runs on electricity. It is wired into your service panel and likely has its own circuit breaker so that it has the electrical energy it needs to give you the cooling you deserve. But when electrical problems arise, your AC may have trouble starting up and turning off. If your AC fails to start, first check to see whether it hasn’t simply tripped the breaker. You should also check to see that your thermostat is calling for cooling. If neither of those options work, then you may have a problem. You could have a faulty capacitor, which is the device responsible for providing an electrical energy boost to your AC during start-up. Alternatively, there could be a fault with your thermostat, or even with the electrical supply line itself.

Electricity is always a potential hazard, so make sure that you contact an HVAC technician to fix your AC should it fail. Tinkering around with your AC will often lead to nothing but further damage, but you could place yourself in harm’s way. Leave it to a professional who has the technical expertise and experience to restore your cooling.

Call cooling specialists at Comfort Flow Heating today if you’re in need of air conditioning repair services in Springfield, OR.

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What is an Energy Savings Agreement?

Wednesday, July 24th, 2013

This summer you’re likely going to run your air conditioning system a lot in order to keep your home cool. All that use can add up on your energy bill and it can also take a toll on your home’s air conditioning equipment. So what can homeowners do to make sure that their AC works efficiently and that it doesn’t deteriorate too much? One of the best ways is to sign up for an Energy Savings Agreement? Read on below to learn more about these programs and how you can benefit from them. Call the Springfield, OR air conditioning professionals at Comfort Flow Heating if you have any questions or if you’re ready to sign up.

Springfield Air Conditioning Tip: Why Get an Energy Savings Agreement?

So what exactly is an Energy Savings Agreement (ESA)? In short, an energy savings agreement is almost identical to an air conditioning and heating maintenance program. For example, here at Comfort Flow Heating we offer an ESA that includes several visits each year from our experts. We’ll spend a few hours on each of your air conditioning and heating systems and perform a tune-up which includes the following:

  • Change air filter
  • Lubricate motors
  • Safety inspection
  • Check refrigerant charge
  • Cleaning indoor evaporator coils and outdoor condensing coils
  • Calibrate your thermostats
  • Much, much more!

Benefits of an Energy Savings Agreement

So what do you actually get?

  • Reduced energy usage (potentially reduce utility bills)
  • Reduced repairs
  • Longer equipment life
  • Discount on repairs
  • Priority service
  • 24/7 emergency services

These benefits could vary from company to company but here at Comfort Flow Heating we offer our ESA members a 15% discount on repairs. Give the Springfield air conditioning technicians at Comfort Flow a call today for any installation, repair or maintenance service you need. We know how important your air conditioning and heating systems are to your home which is why our Energy Savings Agreement is so important. Contact us today and one of our friendly professionals will be able to answer any questions that you might have.

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Air Conditioning and Indoor Air Quality: What You Need to Know

Wednesday, July 17th, 2013

During the Springfield, OR summer, you need to make sure that your air conditioning system works well no matter what type of weather arrives. The hottest time of the year often leads to conversations about temperature, but the importance of indoor air quality is often overlooked. This is unfortunate because indoor air quality is one of the top health risks in the country, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. The chief reason is because of the airtight building design of modern homes, which have all but eliminated natural ventilation in order to keep our heating and cooling bills low. As this indoor air is recirculated throughout your home, it can accumulate contaminants. High humidity levels can also run rampant during this time of year. Other homeowners may be looking to improve the energy efficiency of their home with air sealing. At Comfort Flow Heating, we offer a comprehensive range of indoor air quality products and services. The Springfield, OR air conditioning experts at Comfort Flow to learn more about improving your home’s indoor air quality.

  • Humidity. Humidity is a critical concern of homeowners everywhere, but especially in the Pacific Northwest. If you find that you have stuffy, stale air circulating through your home, then you may be interested to know the benefits of a whole-house dehumidifier. This device integrates directly into your existing HVAC system, and remains highly effective at improving indoor air quality.
  • Air sealing. For homeowners concerned that their cool air is going straight into the outdoors, professional air sealing can go a long way towards making sure that your home remains energy efficient.The areas around your window and door frames, fireplace walls, garage and basement walls, piping, ductwork, and even your recessed lighting and electrical fixtures can add up to substantial energy loss in a given cooling season. By sealing these areas, you can get the most out of your electrical energy.
  • Air cleaning. If you’re concerned about the quality of your indoor air, then you should speak to a professional about installing a whole-house air cleaner. Both mechanical and electronic cleaners can be particularly effective at removing contaminants and pollutants, depending on what you need to target.

To learn how to improve your home’s air quality, contact the Springfield, OR air conditioning specialists at Comfort Flow.

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Air Conditioning Tips To Stay Cool This Summer

Wednesday, July 10th, 2013

Summer in Oregon is a great time of the year. With the heat and humidity, though, discomfort can be a real concern. There are many reasons that homeowners may tolerate an uncomfortable environment within their homes, but at Comfort Flow Heating we believe this should not be the case. That is why we have put together some air conditioning tips to help you make it through the season comfortably. Contact us today to learn more. Our skilled Florence, OR air conditioning technicians have the years of training and experience needed to help you get the efficient, reliable performance that you want from your air conditioning system.

One of the most important components of your air conditioning system is the thermostat, of course. After all, this is by far the piece of heating and cooling equipment that you have the most direct interaction with. It only makes sense, then, that you should have the thermostat that best suits your home, HVAC system and personal cooling habits. There are a few different options to choose from, so seek out the advice of a professional AC technician. A basic digital thermostat is a great way to ensure that you set temperatures accurately, as their push-button controls and digital display actually make them easier to use than old fashioned manual models. With a programmable thermostat, you can come home to a comfortable environment after a long day of work without paying to cool the house all day.

You should also supplement the operation of your air conditioning system with any ceiling fans, or even standing fans, in your home. Fans do not cool air directly, but they are a great way to ensure that the air cooled by your AC is distributed throughout your home evenly and effectively. This will make you feel more comfortable, and you may be able to raise the thermostat setting by a few degrees as a result.

Don’t forget that the best way to get the most consistent, efficient performance possible from your AC is with routine air conditioning maintenance. There is simply no better alternative to regular inspections and tune-ups. Call the Florence, OR air conditioning professional on the Comfort Flow Heating team today for more information, we are always happy to share any air conditioning tips we may have with our valued customers.

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Happy 4th of July!

Tuesday, July 2nd, 2013

There are few things more “American” than baseball, apple pie and Independence Day. On this day over 200 years ago the second Continental Congress voted to approve the Declaration of Independence. The document, which was primarily authored by Thomas Jefferson, was a written explanation of why America wanted to be free from Great Britain. This bold move by the American colonies would start the Revolutionary War where many brave women and men would give their lives for the freedom that we now hold dear.

Over the years, our celebration of Independence Day has remained largely unchanged. John Adams, the 2nd president of the United States, said this about celebrating Independence Day: “It ought to be solemnized with pomp and parade, with shows, games, sports, guns, bells, bonfires, and illuminations, from one end of this continent to the other, from this time forward forever more.” We all remember going to family barbecues, watching fireworks, attending parades, picnics and fairs, building bonfires, and playing baseball.

However you celebrate this 4th of July, make sure that you take a moment to remember why we’re celebrating.

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