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How Furnace Maintenance Keeps Your Home Safe

Monday, April 1st, 2019

stripping-electric-wiresAre you one of those homeowners that doesn’t always schedule furnace maintenance services annually? You’re not alone. We understand the aversion some homeowners have to scheduling maintenance services. Your line of reasoning might be: why would I schedule a service appointment and pay money to a team of technicians when everything seems fine with my heating system? Well, if you want to keep your heating system functioning as it should then maintenance is an essential step.

In addition to this, your heating system might seem fine, but it could actually have problems lying just underneath the surface. It’s really hard to tell if there’s something going on with your system underneath the surface without the assistance of a trained professional. If you’re looking for great furnace maintenance in Eugene, OR then make sure that you contact our team today.

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It’s Not Too Late for Heating Maintenance

Monday, December 5th, 2016

The rainy winter weather is here already in Eugene, and the temperatures are dropping. You might think that this means it’s too late for you to have fall maintenance done for your home’s heating system. But it’s not! We’re still officially in the fall for the next two weeks, and there is plenty of cold weather yet to come. You don’t want to have to manage a few solid months of chilly weather without a heating system you can rely on, do you? Our maintenance technicians are happy to get you on the schedule for an inspection and tune-up of your residential heater. Just call as soon as possible!

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Don’t Make These Dire Mistakes with Your Gas Furnace!

Monday, November 7th, 2016

We hope the word dire got your attention. Some of these gas furnace mistakes can indeed cause serious problems and health hazards. Others will result in a gas furnace that wastes money or can’t do the job—and these can be dire under the right circumstances. Regardless, everything we’ve listed here is something you shouldn’t be doing with your gas furnace. When you need help with a furnace, always contact the HVAC professionals who can get the job done right.

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Salem OR Heating FAQ: Why Should I Have My Furnace Maintained?

Monday, March 18th, 2013

Furnace maintenance should be a year-round task. Even as we exit the heating season in Salem, OR, we still need to make sure our furnace runs efficiently and effectively. We make sure to clean our homes regularly, and take our car for routine tune-ups. The same rules apply to furnace. They need to be cared for; in turn, they will give you reliable heat when you need it most. We often hear the question, “Why should I have my furnace maintained?” when we talk about our comprehensive furnace services. We’d like to run you through the benefits. For Salem heating service, call Comfort Flow Heating today!

  • Energy efficiency. The AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency) rating of your furnace depends upon its cleanliness. If there are dust, debris, and water leaks in and around your furnace, you simply won’t get the same type of efficiency. Efficiency measures the heating output against the amount of fuel input. A dirty furnace will almost always cost more to operate.
  • System life. Letting dirt and debris buildup in and around your furnace also allows it to spread into other areas of your system. It can lead to increased air filter replacement, increased grime in your ductwork, and can also begin to obstruct moving parts in your blower motor. While furnaces are generally sturdy machines, lack of maintenance depreciate the value of your system over time. Cleaning is not only about reducing dirt, but also securing part of your home investment.
  • Indoor air quality. Although your air filter is designed to prevent the passage of pollutants and debris into your living spaces, a dirty furnace only exacerbates the risk of contamination. You will have to replace your air filter more often, and a frequently clogged filter can reduce its ability to prevent dust, pollen, dander, and other foreign materials from entering your ductwork.

Furnaces need to be maintained in order to operate correctly. Consider scheduling routine biannual or annual inspections and tune-ups for your furnace and cooling systems. This will not only help your system to heat more effectively and efficiently, it will also give you some peace of mind knowing that your heating is in the hands of a professional. For Salem, OR heating maintenance, call Comfort Flow Heating today!

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