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It’s Not Too Late for Heating Maintenance

The rainy winter weather is here already in Eugene, and the temperatures are dropping. You might think that this means it’s too late for you to have fall maintenance done for your home’s heating system. But it’s not! We’re still officially in the fall for the next two weeks, and there is plenty of cold weather yet to come. You don’t want to have to manage a few solid months of chilly weather without a heating system you can rely on, do you? Our maintenance technicians are happy to get you on the schedule for an inspection and tune-up of your residential heater. Just call as soon as possible!


Most homes rely on furnaces, particularly gas furnaces, for their winter heat. A furnace must have an annual inspection to see that it will operate safely through the season and not suffer from a decline in performance due to all the stress on its mechanical parts. (And electric furnaces need regular attention as well!)

Heat Pumps

Don’t fall into the usual confusion surrounding heat pumps and assume that they only need maintenance once a year! If you have a heat pump, it’s already worked hard through the summer to keep your home cooled down—and all that strain can mean trouble when it switches over to heating mode. Maintenance will get a heat pump ready to tackle the second half of its annual workload.

Radiant Heating Systems

Hydronic radiant heating systems need less intense maintenance and fewer repairs than other types of heaters. But this maintenance still needs to happen annually, or there’s the potential for corrosion to take hold! To make sure that you enjoy a long service life from your radiant heating system, no matter what type it is, arrange for its fall tune-up and inspection.

Contact Comfort Flow Heating today to arrange for your fall heating maintenance. Quality Service & Install Since 1961 in Eugene, OR!

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