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Why Is My Air Conditioner Constantly Turning On and Off?

Monday, May 25th, 2015

As the homeowner, you know the normal operational habits of your air conditioning system. Therefore, when you hear it constantly turning on and off – a situation known as short-cycling – you know something isn’t right. Air conditioners are made to operate in a full cycle so that they can adequately cool and dehumidify your home. Not only does short-cycling create problems with your indoor comfort, it can create mechanical problems for your air conditioner. If you have noticed that your AC is short-cycling, don’t wait to call for an expert. Contact your Comfort Flow Heating specialist right away and schedule an appointment for AC repair in Eugene, OR.

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Is There Something Wrong with My Commercial Air Conditioning?

Monday, May 18th, 2015

When it comes to mechanical systems, sometimes you have to act as an interpreter to understand when your system needs attention. Your commercial air commercial air conditioner is especially important as it cools for many people: you, your employees and your customers. You aren’t expected to accurately diagnose your AC system, but being aware of certain signs can go a long way toward getting ahead of developing problems. The commercial AC experts at Comfort Flow Heating have put together a list of common signs that can indicate it’s time to call for professional commercial air conditioning help:

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What Is a Packaged Unit?

Monday, May 11th, 2015

Commercial property owners have a few choices when it comes to installing air conditioning systems, and one such unit to consider is the packaged unit. Many commercial ACs also work as commercial heating systems, and this is one of the benefits of using a packaged unit. As you can probably imagine, packaged units can be quite large, and many times they reside on the rooftop of your business space. Because of the size and complexity of these systems, it is imperative to hire a company that specializes in the installation and service of this type of system. Comfort Flow Heating is such a company, and we bring over 50 years’ worth of experience to every commercial job we do in Eugene, OR. Wondering what a packaged unit does? Let’s take a look.

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What Are My Choices for Electronic Air Cleaners?

Monday, May 4th, 2015

It may seem a crazy idea – cleaning your air with electricity. But that’s what happens, in a slightly indirect way, when you use an electronic air cleaner. You won’t see electricity zapping through the air with an electronic air cleaner; in fact, you won’t see much at all, which is a good thing. But when you hire experts, like the ones at Comfort Flow Heating, to install and service your electronic cleaner in Eugene, OR, you can rest assured that your air cleaner is doing its job.

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