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What Are My Choices for Electronic Air Cleaners?

It may seem a crazy idea – cleaning your air with electricity. But that’s what happens, in a slightly indirect way, when you use an electronic air cleaner. You won’t see electricity zapping through the air with an electronic air cleaner; in fact, you won’t see much at all, which is a good thing. But when you hire experts, like the ones at Comfort Flow Heating, to install and service your electronic cleaner in Eugene, OR, you can rest assured that your air cleaner is doing its job.

Two Choices

When it comes to electronic air cleaners, homeowners have two choices: an ion generator or an electronic precipitator. Both use electricity to clean your air, but do so in somewhat different ways. An electronic precipitator is a small cabinet that houses a fan, an ionization chamber and metal collection plates. The fan draws air into the ionization chamber where particles and contaminants are negatively charged; these charged particles and contaminants are collected on oppositely-charged metal plates, where they wait to be cleaned off and permanently removed.

With an ion generator, particles and contaminants are also charged, but in a looser way: the generator disperses negative ions into the air, and these ions attach to particles and contaminants in the air. The newly-charged, attached particles are attracted to the surfaces in your home and land there; when the surfaces are cleaned, the particles are removed.

Which Is Best for Me?

Deciding which type of electronic air cleaner is best for your home is something that should be worked out with a trained professional.Allergy season is here, and there’s no need to suffer – just give us a call today and schedule an appointment!  The indoor air quality specialists at Comfort Flow Heating can help you determine which type of air cleaner best meets your needs, and we can install it and service it for years to come.

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