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March Is Here: Time to Schedule AC Maintenance

Spring officially begins during the second half of March, but this is an extraordinarily (and proverbially) unpredictable month when it comes to the weather. You can anticipate dealing with both warm and cold weather, sometimes changing for day to day, and you probably won’t use the air conditioner on a regular basis until later in the spring, when summer moves closer.

However, you still should consider arranging for your annual air conditioning maintenance from HVA professionals at this time of the year. Below are some of the reasons it’s a smart idea to get an early start on this job:

It’s easier to schedule

Spring is the time of the year when HVAC technicians have less packed schedules. Their calendars won’t be filled with heating and air conditioning repairs, and they should have little difficulty arranging your air conditioning inspection and tune-up at a time that’s convenient for you.

You’ll have time to take care of repair issues

Hopefully, your cooling system won’t have any malfunctions that need repairs before the summer begins. But if it does, you’ll be glad you found out about them sooner rather than later. You can schedule the repairs in time to beat out the hot weather.

Avoid those sudden hot weather surprises

Just as cold snaps can return to harass us in March and April, the weather can also throw abrupt heat waves at us. You don’t want an air conditioner that refuses to do its job just when you need it. Getting maintenance done earlier will give you the assurance that the AC will work when it should.

Start saving money

Each time you run you air conditioner for the season before it has an inspection and tune-up will probably cause it to waste money. Maintenance will restore the system to its peak energy efficiency, and you can start saving money with it immediately.

To arrange for air conditioning maintenance this spring, contact Comfort Flow Heating in Eugene, OR.

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