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How You Can Tell It’s Time to Replace Your Air Conditioner

Spring is the period when you should evaluate your home’s air conditioning system to see what sort of repairs and other services it may need so it will work at its best throughout the coming summer. But sometimes the best way to maximize your AC’s performance is to replace it. If your air conditioner is approaching or at its manufacturer’s estimated lifespan, then it’s time to consider a replacement for it. Below are some ways to tell that perhaps a new AC is the best option going forward into this summer.

The AC is costing too much to run

Look over the past few summers of electrical bills. Is there an upward trend in cost when the AC is running? If there is, it may be due to the air conditioner wearing down. If repairs and regular maintenance don’t turn this trend around, ask your technician if a replacement is the best strategy.

The AC is making too much noise

One of the strongest signs of an air conditioner that is past its prime is one that makes a racket whenever it turns on. A single odd noise usually points toward a repair need. But when the whole system is noisy, it probably means that it’s close to a final breakdown.

You want to take advantage of new comfort technology

If you have an older AC (more than 10 years old) you may wish to replace the system even if it still is working fine. Why? Because there are many new developments in air conditioning and comfort technology that offer you better energy efficiency and performance. You may want to have an AC installed with a variable-speed fan or variable-speed compressor, or perhaps you would like to have a geothermal system put in, or a ductless mini split. There are many possibilities, and our technicians would be glad to go over the options with you.

Comfort Flow Heating offers air conditioning replacements services in Eugene, OR and the surrounding areas.

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