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Prepare Your Business for Winter with Fall Heating Maintenance

covered-commercial-hvac-fansAlthough Oregon doesn’t experience winters as extreme as a number of other parts of the country, powerful heating systems are still a necessity to help us get through the cold months. This applies to businesses and homes, but with homes at least there is a bit of leeway should something disastrous happen to the heating system. The only people affected are the residents of house, who can bundle up until repair professionals arrive.

But loss of heating in a business almost certainly means loss of revenue and often a complete closure of operations. Heating for businesses sometimes isn’t only about the comfort of the people inside; maintaining proper temperature also protects equipment.

If you are a business owner in Oregon, you want to ensure your various heating systems in your building are ready to take on the stress of the coming winter. The best way to do this is to arrange for commercial heating maintenance in Eugene, OR or elsewhere in the state with our professionals. We offer special commercial HVAC maintenance plans to make the process simple for you, and to cover all your HVAC needs for the entire year, not just the winter.

The Importance of Fall Heating Maintenance

A household’s central furnace, heat pump, or boiler does enough labor over a winter that it will need a tune-up, cleaning, and general inspection to help it tackle the next winter. If that’s necessary for a small heating system that sees to the needs of a family, think of how necessary this maintenance is for a heating system that provides comfort for the many employees, customers, clients, tenants, etc. of a commercial building—not to mention creates an environment to protect equipment. If you let your business head into the winter without a thorough inspection and tune-up from a commercial HVAC technician, you’re taking a significant risk—the kind of risk you should never take in the business world and one you can easily avoid.

Maintenance is also a way to save money and prevent a rise in utility bills. A heater that starts to run down is a heater that wastes power. It’s also a heater that is more likely to fail earlier than its estimated service lifetime and need to be replaced before it’s time. Getting the best return on your investment in your commercial heating systems requires keeping up with annual maintenance.

What Happens During Maintenance

Heating maintenance isn’t a major hassle and we will do our best not to disrupt your business. The maintenance requires 1 to 2 hours of work per unit. Our technicians have a detailed checklist of parts to inspect, clean, and change. These tasks include changing air filters, inspecting all moving parts and providing lubrication for the motors (essential for preventing them from overheating and burning out), tightening the electrical connections, checking thermostat calibration, cleaning the indoor and outdoor coils, and measuring refrigerant pressure. At the conclusion, we’ll run performance tests to see that the system is working as it should. If we discover repair needs, we’ll inform you and help to arrange for the work necessary to fix them. Frequently, we can do the repairs during the same visit.

Comfort Flow Heating serves all of Oregon with commercial HVAC maintenance, installation, and repairs.

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