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SEER: What It Means

We’ve just been through some incredibly hot weather here in Eugene, OR, and you may be seeing evidence of that in your current energy bills. One thing to really pay attention to right now is the SEER of your air conditioning system. This number will help you determine what to expect for energy costs as we make our way through the rest of the summer months. Not sure what SEER is? Let our experts give you an overview.

The Acronym

SEER is an acronym that stands for seasonal energy efficiency ratio, and it tells you, on a scale of 1 to 23+, how efficiently your air conditioner will perform. It is mandated by law that all whole home air conditioners be manufactured at the minimum SEER rating, which is 13. The reason SEER is important is that it provides a scale by which you can measure the energy efficiency of your system. However, the SEER rating can sometimes be misunderstood to mean that a certain AC will cool your home better than a model at a lower SEER rating; this isn’t true. What SEER tells you is that a certain air conditioner at a SEER of 16 will cool your home using less energy than the same AC that has a SEER of 13.

How Does This Help You?

If you know the SEER of your existing air conditioner, its SEER number may be able to provide you with information about how much energy you can expect it to use. It may also help you decide whether or not it is time to upgrade to a more efficient cooling system.

Work with a Specialist

SEER can be confusing, and realizing the savings you can see from a more energy efficient system can be better explained by an expert. The AC professionals at Comfort Flow Heating are here to help you, so give us call and schedule an appointment.

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