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Is It Time for Mid-Summer Maintenance?

We are in thick of summer, seeing temperatures in the triple-digits. If you have whole house air conditioning, it is definitely getting a workout. Have you noticed with our hot weather that your AC is a little bit sluggish? Or that your energy bills are costing more than you anticipated? Then you’ll want to consider scheduling your air conditioner for mid-summer maintenance.

Why Maintenance?

Your AC comes into contact with a lot of particles during operation: dust, dirt, leaves, grass, etc. These things, especially dust and dirt, can inhibit the ability of your system to work to its full potential. Add in very hot days, and you have a formula that practically ensures poorer performance.

A maintenance appointment with the pros at Comfort Flow Heating can get your system back on track.  This is because a maintenance appointment is a full tune-up of your system: components are cleaned, re-aligned and lubricated; the coils are cleaned and checked; your system is checked for performance and your outdoor unit is made free of debris. All of these tasks allow your system to work optimally for the rest of the summer.

What Kind of Results Will I See?

So what are the benefits of scheduling a mid-summer maintenance appointment? Here are a few to consider:

  • Better energy efficiency – when your system works optimally, it doesn’t need to use more energy to operate, as a stressed system does.
  • Better cooling – your AC won’t struggle to meet the temperature you’ve set on your thermostat when it has been tuned-up.
  • Prevent repairs – if any of the components on your AC have started to wear down, they will be detected during the maintenance appointment and attended to (repair issues will need a repair appointment).

It’s not a good idea to push your air conditioner during incredibly hot weather. Instead, give it a tune-up! Call the pros at Comfort Flow Heating today and schedule a mid-summer maintenance appointment for your home in Eugene, OR.

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