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End-of-Summer: Here Are Some AC Repairs You Might Need

The last month of summer is the time when air conditioning systems face their most stern challenge: wearing down. Your home’s air conditioner has probably already put in a few solid months of work to provide the household with comfort, and now the work strain might start to catch up with it. The end of summer is usually not noticeably cooler than the middle of the season, so your air conditioner won’t receive much of a break—making it more likely to suffer a malfunction because of the strain. Even with maintenance done in the spring, an AC can still hit a snag during the home stretch.

Below is a list of some of the repairs that our technicians often take care of during the end of the summer:

  • Replacing failed capacitors: Capacitors are electrical components in the air conditioner that transmit voltage to the motors powering the fans and the compressor. Extended heat can cause capacitors to lose their ability to hold a charge, leading to motors that won’t start or won’t stay running. Count on technicians to swap out the failed capacitors.
  • Cleaning the outdoor coil: Dust, mulch, grass, and grime can collect along the outdoor condenser coil over the summer. This restricts how well the air conditioner can exhaust heat outside. If too much heat remains trapped in the air conditioner, it can lead to the system becoming so overtaxed that it will lose cooling power and even trip circuit breakers.
  • Sealing refrigerant leaking/recharging refrigerant: For air conditioners that are 4–5 years old, a common trouble is leaks starting in the refrigerant lines. Loss of refrigerant is a major problem since it not only drops the AC’s cooling power, it could lead to the compressor burning out. Technicians will locate the leaks, seal them, and replace the refrigerant charge that was lost.

Comfort Flow Heating provides air conditioning repairs in Eugene, OR any time you need them! Call us 24 hours for emergency service.

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