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Welcome to September: Time to Think about Heating Maintenance

September has arrived, and even though the official end of summer isn’t for two more weeks, the temperatures are already starting to cool down. Before you know it, most of fall will be past and winter will be looking over the edge of the calendar.

In the HVAC world, September means it’s time to start preparing for heating season. You may not need to turn your heating system on for another month, or perhaps longer, but it’s time to get to ready to go to work so you won’t have to worry about its performance when the first major cold spell strikes.

Schedule your heating maintenance visit for September

You probably have a furnace to provide winter comfort to your home, although radiant heating systems and heat pumps are becoming popular as well. Whatever type of heater you use, it needs to have an annual check-up and inspection to get it ready for the cold temperature to come. September is an excellent time to arrange to have our HVAC professionals come to your home for preventive maintenance.

  • More convenient scheduling: September is a “gap time” for HVAC technicians, falling between the heat of mid-summer and the cold of mid-winter. With fewer emergencies to take care of, heating and cooling technicians have more open schedules, so you can find a convenient time for them to come to your house to handle your heating maintenance.
  • Gives you time to make repairs: It’s wise to have heating maintenance done with a few weeks to go before the first cold weather arrives, because you’ll have ample opportunity to have repairs done should the technician find anything wrong.
  • Keeps you ready for surprises: When will the first truly cold day of the season arrive? It’s hard to say, but you don’t want to have a heating system that isn’t ready for it. If you have maintenance taken care of during September, there’s little chance an early cold spell will catch you off-guard.

Comfort Flow Heating offers maintenance service for furnaces and other heating systems in Eugene, OR. Quality Service & Install Since 1961.

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