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Questions People Often Ask about Heating Maintenance

Last week we started our September reminders for customers to arrange for a visit from one of our friendly technicians to inspect and tune-up their heating systems. Have you called yet to get on the schedule for fall maintenance? September is definitely the time to do it, before the colder weather arrives and our technicians get busier.

You might still be hesitating about heating maintenance because you have questions about it. We’ll answer some of the more common questions that people have below. If you have any further concerns, simply contact our office and we’ll answer all your questions.

Which types of heating systems need maintenance the most?

All heating systems must have annual maintenance. Natural gas-powered systems, such as gas furnaces, need maintenance to keep them operating safely. But any heating system will suffer from problems, such as a rise in operating costs and the risk of a breakdown, without a regular inspection and tune-up.

Will a maintenance program pay back its costs?

Yes, and in many different ways. Maintenance means paying for fewer repairs and not having to replace the system early. It also helps a heater to run more efficiently and save money from month to month. The U.S. Department of Energy has found that a well-maintained furnace costs, on average, $33 less to run per month than a furnace that isn’t maintained.

How long does maintenance require?

It’s a short process. Most of the time, our technician will be in and out of your house in one or two hours. If the technician finds issues with the furnace that require special attention, it may take longer.

Are there additional maintenance program benefits?

Yes, if you sign our Energy Savings Agreement. Some of these benefits include a 15% discount on repairs and priority customer service that puts you at the head of the service queue.

To arrange for heating maintenance for the fall, call the HVAC specialists at Comfort Flow Heating in Eugene, OR. Quality Service & Install since 1961!

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