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How to Know It Is Time to Install a New Furnace

You probably have a furnace providing heat to your home for the winters. We can state this with some confidence, since furnaces are the most common kind of residential heating systems. Although other heaters are gaining popularity, such as heat pumps and radiant heating systems, furnaces are still dominant.

If you do use a furnace, at some point you’ll have to have it replaced. No heating system will last forever, and your furnace will eventually develop enough wear and tear on it that it will start to work inefficiently and ineffectively. Fall is a good time to arrange to replace an old furnace, and we’ve offered a guide that will help you tell that it’s time to call our technicians and schedule the job.

Basic Age

The average lifespan of a natural gas furnace is between 15 and 20 years. Once a furnace is older than two decades, the chance of it rapidly declining, turning unsafe, and wasting energy increases sharply. If you have a furnace older than 20 years, get ahead of all these potential problems and have a new high-efficiency unit replace it.

Costlier to Run

A furnace that receives maintenance every year should retain 95% of its energy efficiency through most of its life. When the energy efficiency drops and your utility bills start rising, it’s a warning that the furnace is approaching the end of its lifespan. Replacing the furnace not only gives you more assurance the heater will last through the winter, but it will immediately start saving you money.

Constant Loud Operation

A single unusual noise from a furnace can indicate a need for repairs. But when these noises become the rule, not the exception, it indicates the furnace is so worn down that it’s not worth keeping it around anymore. If your furnace is a noise-polluter, we recommend replacing it.

If you want a professional opinion for furnace replacement, call the team at Comfort Flow Heating in Eugene, OR.

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