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What to Do When Your Furnace Dies on You

Monday, February 5th, 2018

cold-sweater-manWe honestly hope you haven’t landed on this blog page because you have a dead furnace right in the middle of winter. We never want this to happen to any of our customers … and it’s part of our job to fix furnaces! We would rather help people prevent furnace problems with our services, such as through our energy savings agreement or with targeted furnace repairs that fix problems before they cause a shutdown.

But not all furnace problems can be identified in time to stop a complete breakdown. We have the advice to help you through this situation—so although we’re sorry you had to come to this page, we’re glad you’re here to get the assistance you need.

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How to Know It Is Time to Install a New Furnace

Monday, September 19th, 2016

You probably have a furnace providing heat to your home for the winters. We can state this with some confidence, since furnaces are the most common kind of residential heating systems. Although other heaters are gaining popularity, such as heat pumps and radiant heating systems, furnaces are still dominant.

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