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5 Maintenance Tips for Ductless Systems

You know about monthly maintenance for a more traditional whole house air conditioner, but what about a ductless system? Ductless heaters need the same type of maintenance. However, since you have individual units in each room of your home, you may end up completing a little more maintenance than you would otherwise.

This includes scheduling professional maintenance for your ductless heating in Salem. In fact, you should schedule professional service twice each year since your ductless system is both an air conditioner and heater, operating all year round without a break. You can keep reading to learn more about homeowner maintenance steps that you can complete to take excellent care of your ductless heater.

Wipe Down the Cover

When you wipe down other surfaces in your home, remember to wipe down the cover to your ductless mini split. Eliminating as much dust buildup from around the unit as possible keeps those particles from getting into the unit and impacting airflow.

Rinse Outdoor Condenser

You also want to keep the outdoor condenser clean. A big part of conditioning air for your home is allowing exhaust to ventilate outside of your home. If the extra heat and exhaust air get trapped in your mini split system, it can add strain and impact how well the unit can keep your home comfortable. Just use gentle water pressure from your hose to rinse off the outdoor condenser once per month.

Clean Filters

Each of the ductless units in your home has a small filter. Instead of a filter that you throw away and replace,  these are reusable filters that you clean. It is important to clean these filters once per month, if not a little more frequently. A clogged filter can prevent your mini split from being able to heat your home effectively. You may see an increase on energy bills or have a unit that breaks down completely if you don’t keep the filters clean.

Check Error Codes

If you notice an error code on your mini split display, pay attention. You may be tempted to ignore the code and wait for signs of something being truly wrong. However, these error codes can let you know when something is malfunctioning ahead of when your mini split breaks down completely. The error code may be something you can address on your own, but other times you need to call and schedule professional service.

Turn Off the Units

A ductless mini split is a heat pump, meaning it operates as both the heater and the air conditioner. These units work all year round without taking any breaks. Whenever possible, turn the units off, even for just a couple of hours at a time. This can give the system much-needed rest that can reduce strain and create a longer potential lifespan. You can choose days when the weather is milder and you don’t need to heat or cool your home as much. 

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