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Is it Okay to Leave Your Heat Pump on Constantly?


If you have a heat pump, you may be wondering, should I leave my heat pump on all the time? It’s a question we get from many homeowners. While some people do leave their heat pumps on around the clock all year long, it’s not something that we advise. 

Your heat pump is already a system that is all-in-one heating and cooling, so it doesn’t get a break for half of the year while another system kicks in. You can keep reading to learn more about best practices for taking care of your heat pump, including turning it off occasionally. 

Expert Recommendation

Some people may tell you to keep your heat pump on, even at a higher temperature for cooling in the summer. This way, your house doesn’t reach extreme temperatures that your heat pump then has to cool back down. But with proper insulation, you can turn off your heat pump for periods of time and still maintain a comfortable temperature.

And turning off your heat pump is actually really good for the system so it can take a break. That doesn’t mean you have to turn the unit off when it’s the hottest outside. Instead, you can turn off the system for a period of time at night while your family is asleep. Turn on fans to keep airflow moving and set your heat pump to turn back on before you wake up in the morning. 

You can automate this using a smart thermostat so you don’t have to remember to turn the system on and off each day at different times. If you want to keep the air on while you sleep, you could turn your heat pump off while you’re away instead. If you have set working hours, you can set your thermostat to turn the system off at a certain time each morning and back on about 30 minutes before you expect to get home. If your hours away vary, you can manage the settings remotely from your phone or computer.

Just make sure that the temperature in your home is comfortable enough for any pets that you leave behind!

Why Turn Off Your Heat Pump

As we already mentioned, a heat pump is all-in-one heating and cooling. This means that the single system works year-round to keep your home at a comfortable temperature. Other types of systems have off-seasons where they get a break.

If you have a separate air conditioner and heater, each one is off for a good portion of the year, even if there are seasons where you alternate back and forth. When you turn your heat pump off sometimes, you allow it the break it needs to reduce wear and tear which can ultimately shorten its lifespan. Turning off your heat pump is actually an investment in the system to ensure it works better and lasts longer.

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