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Help! My Heat Pump Won’t Switch to Heating Mode


We’re already halfway through fall and winter is fast approaching. Temperatures are getting lower each week, and we are increasingly reliant on our heaters to warm our homes. But what if your heat pump won’t switch to heating mode when you try to turn it on? 

Maybe cool air is still blowing through your vents instead of the warm air you expect. If this happens, something is wrong. Don’t wait to schedule services for your heat pumps in Springfield, Or. Our team can troubleshoot the problem and get your heating working at its best again so you have reliable heat all winter long. 

What’s Wrong with my Heat Pump?

There are a variety of reasons your heat pump may not be switching modes this season. Some are easy fixes, and others aren’t. 

Dirty Air Filter

You know that your air filter has an important job – keeping the air you breathe clean and free from dust and debris. But did you know that the air filter is also protecting your heat pump? If you forget to change your air filter it can get clogged up fast. The air filter can only hold so much dust and dirt before particles begin getting through and into your heat pump system. 

It can also block airflow from getting into your heat pump. Without bringing in new air, your heat pump has nothing to heat and blow into your home. Your heat pump may start working harder to bring in air, only to overheat because it’s working against your dirty air filter. Changing the filter is an easy way to improve airflow into your heater. 

Thermostat Problems

You use your thermostat to choose a desired indoor air temperature. Then your thermostat monitors the indoor temperature and signals your heat pump when to turn on and heat your home. If your thermostat isn’t calibrated correctly, it can’t get an accurate indoor temperature reading. The thermostat may not signal at the right times for your heater to turn on. Someone from our team can easily recalibrate your thermostat if that’s the problem. If your thermostat is particularly old, you may need a new one. 

Reversing Valve Issues

Your heat pump system is designed to both heat and cool your home. The reversing valve is what allows the unit to change from one setting to the other. If something is wrong with the reversing valve, it can get stuck in cooling mode. You may think that this is as easy as setting the reversing valve yourself, but it isn’t. The reversing valve controls the direction of refrigerant and damaging it can lead to refrigerant leaks. It’s important to leave this type of repair up to the professionals. 

Damaged Compressor

While the other problems have relatively easy fixes, a broken compressor can be very expensive. Your compressor is the heart of your heat pump, and if something is wrong it may make more sense to replace your entire unit. It just depends on how bad the damage is to your compressor. We have emergency services available, so you can always give us a call and one of our technicians can address your heat pump repair needs. 

Your comfort is our business! Comfort Flow Heating serves all of Oregon, so contact our team today to schedule your appointment.

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