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Why Your Heat Pump Needs Two Tune-Ups Each Year


We talk a lot about scheduling regular maintenance for your HVAC system and plumbing, but there are other appliances in your home that require maintenance, too. Most of your home’s systems only need maintenance once per year. But if you have a heat pump you need maintenance twice per year. 

That’s because your heat pump is working all year round without a break to both heat and cool your home. If you’re interested in heat pump maintenance in Salem, our team is here to help. We can even help you schedule your upcoming heat pump tune-up for the next six months so you don’t forget to do it. If you want to learn more about why heat pumps need maintenance twice as often, just keep reading. 

Maintenance is Preventative Care

If you had a magic looking glass and could see into the future, you’d likely take steps to stay ahead of any major repair needs or breakdowns. Our team doesn’t have a magic looking glass, but our expert eyes are the next best thing. We can help you identify small problems that have the potential to become big ones later on. When you address small repair needs now, you prevent more expensive ones later on. 

Heat pump problems aren’t always obvious at first. Early problems can be very quiet and don’t leave my signs or symptoms to be found. That is unless an expert is inspecting the system. Damage can spread quietly, beginning with something like a small loose screw that winds up damaging larger components in your heat pump. By the time signs are obvious, the damage has reached the point of being an expensive, difficult project.

Why Do I Need Biannual Maintenance?

Most HVAC systems have different heating and cooling methods, so the system only needs maintenance once per year. When it’s heating season, the other part of your system gets a break, and vis versa. But a heat pump is an all-in-one system that both heats and cools, so it doesn’t get a break because there isn’t an off-season. Instead, your heat pump has a switch to change between removing heat from your home in the summer to bringing heat into your home in the winter. 

Heat pumps work through a process called heat transfer. Instead of creating heat, the system simply moves heat from one place to another – from outside your home to inside your home. You should ideally get your heat pump a tune-up during the spring and fall seasons when the weather is milder. If you haven’t already scheduled a heat pump tune-up for the end of the year, now is a great time! 

You can make sure your heat pump is in the best condition before you’re really relying on it for heat in the coming months. Without maintenance, you may be faced with surprise repair needs either now or later in another season. 

Your comfort is our business! Comfort Flow Heating serves all of Oregon, so contact our team today to schedule your appointment.

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