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Eugene, OR Heating Tip: Make Your Heating System More Energy Efficient

Everyone wants to ensure efficiency in their heating and air conditioning systems, so when the opportunity comes to perform a handful of basic tasks or upgrades that will do just that, many people in Eugene, OR jump at the chance. Specifically, when it comes to your furnace there are quite a few things you can do that will make your system more efficient without having to replace the entire system. Here are a few of them:

*  Regular Maintenance – The easiest way to ensure any heating system uses as little energy as possible is to have regular maintenance performed on it. A tune up performed by a professional once a year is the best way to do this, though you can also benefit from cleaning in and around the furnace room yourself every month.

*  Filter Checks – Check and clean filters according to their manufacturer’s guidelines to ensure there are no clogs in the system. This will greatly reduce the cost of operating your furnace.

*  Inspect and Repair Ductwork – If there are leaks or gaps in ductwork, it can result in a significant loss of heating during operation which will of course greatly reduce your heating efficiency.

*  Vent Damper – A vent damper is a good fit for older furnaces that don’t have mechanisms in place to protect against losses of heat through the chimney when your furnace is not firing.

*  Derating Your Furnace – Older furnaces are often oversized and can be derated to use less energy without having any effect on your home’s comfort levels. The modifications are simple, though not necessarily allowed in every municipality.

The best way to know for sure which of these things are best for your furnace is to talk with a Eugene, OR heating professional about them. Derating and vent damper installation especially are very effective in reducing energy loss but may not be the best option depending on the age of your furnace and how close it is to needing replacement.

A Comfort Flow Heating technician can help you review all of your options before making a decision.

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