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Heat Pumps: Reversing Valve Problems

Heat pump problems can be a headache, especially when it is getting colder outside and your heat pump won’t switch modes. Whether you have a more traditional central system or a mini split not working in heat mode, our team can help.

Just give us a call to schedule service. Whether you know what is wrong or not, our team can troubleshoot and help you figure it out. You can keep reading to learn more about some common concerns with heat pump reversing valves. 

What Is a Reversing Valve?

The reversing valve is a component that sets heat pumps apart from other types of central air conditioners. Although there are a variety of other components that contribute to allowing a heat pump to also operate as a heater, the reversing valve is one of the most significant components. The reversing valve is what signals for a heat pump’s mechanisms to operate in the reverse order and bring heat into your home instead of taking it out as it does during cooling.

Signs of Reversing Valve Problems

It’s a red flag that something is wrong with your reversing valve if the heat pump will not switch between cooling and heating modes. The most common time of the year to notice this issue is in between the summer and winter seasons, like right now. You’ve likely already switched your heat pump over to heating mode. 

You may even be alternating between heating and cooling depending on the temperatures each day. But if you set your thermostat to heat and nothing ever happens, the problem likely lies with your reversing valve. It could be stuck, which is common as heat pumps age and the switch wears out. It’s usually an easy and inexpensive fix.


If the reversing valve is not an issue, the thermostat may be a contributing factor. It’s common to have a reversing valve that works just fine, but there is a miscommunication between your thermostat and your heat pump. Your thermostat may be miscalibrated or dirty on the inside. Our team can recalibrate the thermostat so that it reads temperatures correctly and communicates easily with your heat pump. 

Sometimes thermostats are simply outdated and need to be replaced with newer models. No matter what the issue, we can troubleshoot to figure out what is preventing your heat pump from switching between modes. Then we can fix the problem and ensure that it does not happen again.

Your comfort is our business! Comfort Flow Heating serves all of Oregon, so contact our team today to schedule your appointment.

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