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Surge Protection Isn’t Just Storm Protection: What You Need to Know!

plug-with-spark-coming-outWe’ve often found that when homeowners hear the term “surge protection” they think “storm protection.” In other words, they think that the only time a powerful surge of voltage can occur in their electrical system is when there is a lightning storm going on and power lines are affected. And it’s true: power surges can and do occur during storms. However, what’s a lot more likely is that power surges occur when you use your heavy-duty electrical appliances!

This includes your air conditioner, heating system, dishwasher, and more. These appliances have the ability to send a high wave of voltage through your electrical system—and the damage they do isn’t instantaneous, so you may not even notice it at first. It slowly degrades the wiring and electrical components, including the circuit boards, of other electrical devices in the home—which can include phone chargers, entertainment systems, speakers, kitchen appliances, and more.

At this point you might be wondering, “Okay so can I just use power strips throughout my home?” You could, but this might not be sufficient. Read on to learn more!

Power Strips vs. Whole-Home Surge Protectors

We can see why you might think that you have suitable protection from power surges or voltage spikes if you plug your major appliances into power strips. It’s not that they are a bad idea—it’s just that they don’t offer comprehensive protection to your electrical system. Not all surges are from lightning strikes either, so don’t let a lack of stormy weather lead you into false security.

A whole-home surge protector stops not only big voltage spikes but also the many surges that come from inside the home, as we mentioned above, when major appliances cycle on and off. Your HVAC systems are the primary culprits here! Surges are quite common during our hottest weather and our coldest weather, when either your cooling system or your heating system is running pretty consistently.

Even smaller surges can damage your appliances, whereas a whole-home surge protector may be able to increase your appliances’ lifespans by as much as 30%.

How Whole-Home Surge Protection Works

A whole-house surge protector isn’t just simply a huge power strip. It’s directly wired into your home’s electrical panel. And installing this system is a job that must be managed by a licensed and experienced electrician. This is really true for any type of electrical work you have done, as our professionals understand building codes and also have all the proper safety protocol knowledge needed to do jobs of this nature. Unfortunately, the potential for electrocution or even fire damage from even small mistakes is too high.

Our installers will wire the surge protector to the panel, and we also ground it as well. Once the whole-home surge protection system is in place, it detects any sudden spike in voltage within the entire electrical system, and channels the excess electrical power safely into the ground.

When you need professional electrical services in Florence, OR, look no further than Comfort Flow Heating. Contact us today! 

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