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Can a Whole-House Humidifier Improve Your Home Comfort?

two-women-sitting-back-on-couch-looking-comfortableToo much or too little humidity in a home makes the area uncomfortable and, in some cases, even problematic for health. If a home is too humid, that moisture can increase the risk of mold and mildew growth while making it sticky and uncomfortable in a home. Many people recognize this risk. 

However, if the air is too dry, that can leave a person struggling with dry skin and a sore throat. Finding the best balance is critical to comfort in a home. A whole-house humidifier may be what you need to create improved conditions.

Why Too Dry Is Not Okay

When the air in the home is too dry, more moisture from the body is extracted into the air. This often happens in the winter months when the furnace is running. That creates very dry conditions and makes it hard to breathe well. It may also cause eye and nose irritation, chapped lips, and dry, painful skin as the moisture in these areas dry up. Dry conditions can also damage wood in the home, causing it to crack and splinter.

How a Whole-House Humidifier Improves Conditions

A whole-home humidifier does not work the same way a portable one does. Instead, it works more like the home’s heating and cooling system, allowing residents to select a humidity level that’s right for them. It then automatically keeps the home at the proper humidity level, adjusting as needed. This creates a few specific benefits.

  • It saves energy. When the heating system is running properly with the right humidity levels present, it’s less likely that a homeowner will overuse it. That helps to drop the overall cost of heating the home. The humidifier helps to keep the right amount of moisture in the area, which may help to reduce how much your furnace has to work. Because the home is more comfortable overall, some people are able to reduce the temperature a few degrees, further lowering costs.
  • Proper humidity protects skin and health. A whole-home humidifier balances humidity in the home. The ideal conditions are typically between 30 and 50 percent. Keeping the home in this range automatically gives less stress to the sinuses and the skin, reducing symptoms. This may also help to minimize the risk of illnesses spreading.
  • Reduced problems with furnishings. This type of humidifier also works well to prevent the moisture in wood furnishings (and the paint on the walls) from being extracted by the too-dry air. As a result, it helps to keep home furnishings, especially those made of wood, in good condition.

The investment in a whole-home humidifier is a long-term opportunity to make a home feel more comfortable. It can also help reduce the risk of health complications, making it a bit easier to feel at ease when at home. The right humidifier installed professionally adds value to a home. The key is to have a well-trained professional provide guidance and support as you select the right system for the home.

Start improving your indoor air quality and your comfort today with a professional humidifier installation. Reach out to Comfort Flow Heating

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