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Heating Equipment Safety Tips

hand-writing-checklist-on-notepadKeeping a home warm throughout the winter is critical. Many people believe that turning down the thermostat and using space heaters may help them save money while keeping specific areas of the home warmer.

It is true they may help warm up spaces, but it’s also true that they can pose a safety risk. Read on to learn more!

What You Should Know About Space Heaters

The National Fire Protection Association provides some key info about space heaters. 

It found that 48% of fires related to residential heating equipment happened in the winter months – December, January, and February. It also found that 2 out of 5 fires involving home heating systems include space heaters. And, in situations where people have died in such heating-related fires 86% of them had a space heater in place. 

There are a few things to remember for those who are using a space heater to keep warm this winter.

#1: Plug it into the wall directly

If you are using a space heater in any space, be sure to plug it directly into a wall outlet to use. Don’t use an extension cord or multiple-outlet device. Then, turn it off when leaving the room or going to bed. Don’t use them if you’re not carefully monitoring the heater.

#2: Choose a quality product

Only purchase and use a space heater that a recognized testing laboratory has tested. This helps ensure that the heater can run properly and is less likely to overheat. 

#3: Automatic shut off

Next, when comparing models of space heaters to use, be sure to use one that has an automatic shut-off. This is an essential safety time. If the space heater overheats or tips over, it automatically turns off. That helps minimize the risk of a fire occurring. 

#4: Keep flammable products away from it 

Space heaters can produce a significant amount of heat. That’s why it is so important to keep anything that can burn away from it. That includes items like bedding, clothing, rugs, curtains, or pillows far from the heater. Be sure there is at least 3 feet of space between the heater and anything else. 

#5: Place them properly

It’s best to position the space heater properly to avoid the risk of it tipping over. It should only sit on a flat and solid surface. Don’t prop it on a bed or couch, either. 

#6: Turn it off

Never sleep with a space heater running. Doing so means no one is watching to ensure it is operating properly. Even with all of these heaters’ safety features, accidents can still occur. 

Keeping Your Home Warm Properly

Space heaters are not the ideal solution for keeping a home warm. Instead, be sure to turn to a professional heating and cooling team to come in to inspect your existing furnace or heating system. It may be possible to increase its efficiency so that running a space heater isn’t a necessary thing for your home. 

Start with safety in mind by choosing Comfort Flow Heating for your furnace installation in Eugene, OR!

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