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Watch for These Signs of Water Heater Trouble

The water heater in a home works all throughout the year, although you can expect to have it working a bit more during the winter months. And if the water heater fails on you during winter, the impact will be worse than a failure during the summer. So we encourage you to watch for the following indications that you have a water heater that’s facing an uphill climb due to wear and/or malfunctions.

Never hesitate to call our expert water heater repair technicians when you run into trouble! Most of the problems we talk about below cannot be repaired by anyone except professionals.

  • A drop in hot water volume: One of the major signs that a water heater needs to be repaired (or possibly replaced) is when it can no longer keep up with the standard demands your household places on it. When the hot water starts to run out sooner than before—and somebody misses out on a hot shower in the morning—it’s time to have professionals take a look at the unit.
  • Low hot water pressure: When you turn on a hot water faucet, does the water pressure seem weak? This may be an issue with the circulator pump, or blockage somewhere in the hot water pipes.
  • Rumbling from the tank: Don’t panic about this—there’s little chance that the tank is about to rupture. But the noise still points toward problems that need investigating. Check on the aquastat first to see that it isn’t set too high. The issue might be elevated water temperature, a broken expansion tank, or hot and cold water mixing at the top of the tank because of a broken dip tube.
  • Water pooling around the tank: A water heater does drip out some water from an expansion valve. But when you see a pool of water around the tank, there are leaks occurring somewhere—probably at connectors. Call for repairs immediately!

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