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Is Your Radiant Heating System Leaking?

There are some great reasons why radiant floor-heating systems are becoming more and more popular: they are incredibly energy efficient, last for many years, and provide a sensation of warmth (from right beneath people’s icy toes) that’s more comfortable and cozy than using conventional forced-air systems, i.e. furnaces and heat pumps.

If you have a radiant floor heating system, it was probably built into the house when it was constructed. You’re used to the system simply working whenever you want it, and haven’t had to give it much more thought. But this type of heater can suffer from malfunctions, just like any other type, and it’s important to detect the signs early so you can call for repairs.

Radiant heating system leaks

The biggest concern with any heater that uses hydronic power (i.e. heated water) is that the pipes may start to leak. This is rare, thankfully, but still a risk. It’s most likely to occur if there are shifts in the floorboards or any other flooring material, which puts stress on the joints and leads to leaking. You should be able to detect leaking if you notice floorboards are warping or there are odd lumps in the floor you never noticed before.

Fixing these leaks must be left to trained professionals. The repair work involves using techniques similar to what plumbers use to find standard pipe leaks: sound detection equipment and thermal scanners. The repairs will often require removing floorboards to access the damaged part of the radiant heating system. But professionals, such as the ones on our team, will see that everything is returned to the way it once repairs are finished.

Remember regular maintenance

The key to dealing with leaks is to stop them before they happen. Although radiant systems run quietly and are easy to push to the back of your mind, never forget that they require annual maintenance service from experts—the same as any heating system.

Comfort Flow Heating provides radiant heating repair and radiant heating maintenance service in Eugene, OR. Quality Service and Install Since 1961.

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