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Is a Furnace Usually the Best Choice to Heat a Home?

Furnaces are common in modern homes. In fact, the natural gas furnace is the system found in more homes in than U.S. than any other. So the easy assumption to make is that a furnace is simply the ideal choice for home heating.

Is there any truth to this?

Gas Furnace Do Offer Some Great Advantages

There are some facts to back up the popularity of the gas furnace. They offer a number of benefits that make them excellent for a large number of homes.

  • Heating power: When it comes to the raw heat output of a gas furnace, the can outstrip almost any other type of heater. For homes in areas that get especially cold, or for older houses that have insulation issues, a gas furnace can provide comfort a less powerful system cannot.
  • Flexibility: Furnaces are easy matches to the construction and design of most homes, and they connect easily to existing ductwork. If a home doesn’t have a natural gas connection, there’s always the option for an electric furnace.
  • Savings: Natural gas furnaces cost less to run than electric or oil- and propane based heating system.

Sometimes an Alternative System Is Better

However popular gas furnaces are, they are not automatically the best choice for every home. There are many options today for heating, and some homes may benefit from going with a different kind of heater.

  • Radiant heating: These are usually hydronic systems that run off boilers. They send heat through terminal points in the house, such as baseboard heaters, radiators, or pipes in the floorboards. Radiant heating offers high energy efficiency and a cozy level of comfort.
  • Heat pumps: Essentially air conditioners that can reverse the way they operate so they can also deliver heat. Often a great choice for homes without natural gas power.
  • Ductless mini splits: For homes without ducts, a ductless mini split (which is a type of heat pump) is one of the best alternatives.

To help decide what type of heating system is right for your home, call on Comfort Flow Heating in Eugene, OR.

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