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Don’t Let Your Heater Go Out with a Bang!

woman-covering-her-ears-with-shocked-expression-on-face“Going out with a bang”—this phrase is often used to describe something exciting, like the end of the year leading into the New Year, or a quarterback scoring a touchdown at the very last second of a game. What you don’t want it to describe, is your heater.

The thing is, a loud banging sound coming from your heater is a sign of impending failure, something that nobody wants. And this isn’t the only noise you should be concerned about. As our heating season slowly but surely gives way to spring and warmer temperatures, the time to take care of any heating repair needs you may have is now!

Read on as we uncover what a banging noise or any other noise might mean for your heater.

Does the Banging Happen at Startup?

If so, you’re right to be concerned. It is likely the sign of a dirty furnace burner, which our techs can quickly take care of for you. However, you don’t want to delay this repair, as minor as it may seem! That dirt allows gas to build up, and if it builds up enough it creates a small explosion, which is the bang you hear when the burners do ignite. This may not affect your heater or home right away, but it rattles the heat exchanger. This will eventually lead to damage and the leakage of poisonous carbon monoxide into your home.

So what if you hear sporadic banging—not necessarily just when your heater starts up? It’s still a cause for concern, but you can probably breathe a little easier knowing that it’s probably a component that’s come loose, like ductwork or sheet metal siding. It could also be the sound of your air ducts fluctuating with the change in temperature. If it concerns you though, it’s worth a call to our team!

Other Noises to be Aware Of

  • Squealing: A squealing noise can be the result of a lack of lubrication, or a blower fan belt that is wearing out within your furnace. It’s an easy fix for our technicians, but if you let this problem go on for too long, the fan can stop working, which will stop your heater from operating when you need it the most. It’s better to repair the problem now than to wait for a system breakdown, or be greeted by a malfunctioning heater next fall!
  • Low Rumble: Have you notices a low rumbling noise that is loudest when you’re right near the unit? A common cause of this is that the pilot flame is too low. The flame should be blue instead of yellow or orange. Check this out first. If the pilot light isn’t the problem, it might be that you have a carbon monoxide leak, which is absolutely an urgent situation. You should turn off your heater and call for emergency services right away in this case.
  • Scraping: Do you hear something that resembles metal on metal? Then you probably are hearing metal on metal, and you shouldn’t ignore it. The most likely scenario is that the motor mount became loose from its casing. This may not seem like a huge deal, but it can cause a domino effect within your system, leading to the need for a blower fan replacement, when you could have taken care of it with professional repairs.

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