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The Coronavirus and Our Promise to You

We know that readers usually come to our blog for informative and educational posts about the systems and services that we offer. However, as is the case across the country and the globe right now, there is one topic at the forefront of our minds. That is COVID-19, or the Coronavirus.

We understand that homeowners everywhere are exercising extreme caution when it comes to mitigating the chance of exposure to this virus in their homes. Trust us, we are doing the same in ours. And we promise you that every member of our team will take these same precautions when working in your home and on your property.

If you have an appointment scheduled with Comfort Flow Heating, rest assured that we’ll continue to provide you with the exceptional service that you deserve in this uncertain and trying time, and that we’ll do so while making your health and safety our top priority.

Our entire staff is well aware that prevention starts at their homes, that it continues in the workplace, and that it extends into the residences of our valued clients. They have the information and supplies that they need to do their jobs while protecting both themselves and the clients that they serve.

In order to protect our clients and staff, we will be taking the following precautions.

  • Use of non-latex surgical gloves, shoe covers, face masks, full clean room suits (upon request).
  • We have no touch thermometers at our facilities (your technician’s temp taken by request)
  • Each of our vehicles are stocked with hand sanitizer, our technicians and installers are instructed to wash their hands after each call, and before their next, as well as a follow up of hand sanitizer and gloves worn in your home.
  • All of these items are thrown away after each call and we wear new in every home.

If you have any questions or concerns about your upcoming appointment, or if you are thinking about booking an appointment but want to know more about our specific preventative measures, please do not hesitate to contact a member of our team

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