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Heat Pump Won’t Switch Modes: What’s Wrong?

As the warmer weather starts up along with the coming of spring, heat pumps are going to switch over from heating mode to cooling mode, probably for the first time in many months. When you first make the switch on the thermostat that will change the heat pump back into a cooling system, make sure that you check on the air flow coming from the vents. Is the air cool—or does it still feel warm to lukewarm? If you’re still receiving warm air from the ventilation system, it’s possible that the heat pump has malfunctioned. Check again on the thermostat to make sure that you’ve set it correctly.

If you can’t find a simple explanation for the problem, then you need to call our offices. We’ll send a technician out to help you get your heat pump back in shape.

It might be the thermostat after all

One common reason for this trouble with a heat pump is a thermostat that has lost its connection to the reversing valve, which is the component that is responsible for changing the system from one mode to the other. An electric signal from the thermostat causes the slide in the pump to move so it directs refrigerant a different way. If the thermostat loses that connection because of a broken wire or another malfunction, it will need to be repaired before it will work. The thermostat may even need to be replaced.

Or the reversing valve is busted

This is the other most common reason for a heat pump trapped in heating mode (or in cooling mode). The mechanical reversing valve can break, and the slide that alters the direction the refrigerant moves will become stuck in place. In such situations, the best approach is to have professionals remove and replace the valve. (Don’t try this on your own!)

Comfort Flow Heating in Eugene, OR offers repair services for heat pumps. You can reach us 24 hours a day for emergency repair service.

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