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Reminder: Your Heat Pump Needs a Tune-Up in Fall As Well!

With fall now fully underway, it’s definitely time to stop thinking about scheduling maintenance for your heating system and actually schedule it. You want to be on the calendar for maintenance as soon as possible so you can avoid the rush as the winter closes in.

“But wait,” you may say, “I use a heat pump for comfort. It already had its annual tune-up back in spring. Does it need another one?”

The answer to that is simple, “Yes it does.” However, we’ll explain in more detail.

The Work That a Heat Pump Does

Here’s something important to know about a heat pump: it is a single system that uses an identical operating process whether it’s in heating mode or cooling mode. This is different than an HVAC system that contains two separate comfort devices, such as a furnace and an air conditioner, inside one cabinet. A furnace needs one tune-up and inspection during the year, as does the air conditioner. The heat pump is both the heater and the AC, so it needs two tune-ups and inspections during the year.

Here’s another way to think about it… how much work did your heat pump do this summer during its cooling mode? It probably ran almost every day. Now, when you switch the heat pump over to heating mode, it won’t start to use an entirely different set of components that haven’t done any work the past few months. It will use the same set of components: the compressor, the motors, the indoor and outdoor coils, the fans. Summer has given these parts a serious workout, and you don’t want the heat pump to head into winter with dirty coils, strained motors, or a hard-starting compressor. A maintenance visit will take care of all the tasks necessary to see that a heat pump is ready to take on the next phase of its work keeping your family comfortable.

We’re here for your heat pump maintenance in Eugene, OR. Comfort Flow Heating has provided quality service and install since 1961.

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