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Why You Should Consider a Commercial Boiler Installation

When it comes to providing warmth for a business, the most common type of system is a packaged rooftop heat pump. There are many reasons why the packaged rooftop unit is so popular for commercial use. However, this popularity sometimes overwhelms consideration of the other alternatives available.

For example, an excellent way to heat a business that you may not have considered for your new building or expansion location is a commercial boiler. Below we’ll look at some reasons why you may want to switch from a conventional forced-air heating system and go hydronic.

High Energy Efficiency

A commercial boiler can reduce the amount you pay annually to heat the building. One of the reasons for this is that water is a better medium for heat transfer than air, and so boilers are able to more effectively warm up spaces on less energy. Another reason is that boilers provide a more even distribution of heat through radiant energy (baseboard heaters or radiators giving off heat energy) that helps them deliver heat faster—which means a reduced need to keep the heating system running. Finally, boilers don’t use ducts and won’t suffer heat loss through them.

Quiet Operation

Noise pollution can make for an unproductive work environment, and one that isn’t pleasant for customers or clients either. Boilers are among the quietest of all heating systems. People will rarely be able to hear that the system is running at all.

Cleaner Air Quality

A problem that forced-air heaters often encounter is that the dust and debris that builds up inside the ductwork is blown out along with the air whenever the system turns on. This lowers air quality, plus makes the business dusty as well. But radiant heating from a boiler doesn’t encounter this problem, leaving your work place with cleaner, healthier air.

If you’re interested in a commercial boiler for your company, call Comfort Flow Heating in Eugene, OR.

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