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It’s Not Too Late to Schedule a Maintenance Inspection and Tune-Up

No matter what type of heating system you use to keep your home cozy and warm through the winter—heat pump, furnace, radiant heating system—it needs to receive maintenance from professionals each fall to prepare it for the rigors of the coming job during winter.

But what if you missed calling your local HVAC professionals this year to set up a maintenance visit? Should you instead skip maintenance for the year and wait until fall comes around again? Not at all. Even though the winter has already started, you can still call up technicians for maintenance. And you should. Here are some reasons why.

It will keep your heating system safe

Chances are strong that your home uses a gas-powered heater, such as a natural gas furnace. These systems must have annual inspections to make sure that they do not pose any danger due to gas and carbon monoxide leaks. If you keep up with annual maintenance for the heater, it should pose minimal safety hazards over its lifespan.

It will stop bills from rising out of control

Heating systems degrade over time from use, and one of the purposes of maintenance is to alleviate this. If you let your heater go without these sessions, it will lose its efficiency because of wear and tear and will needlessly elevate your energy bills.

It will shield you from emergency breakdowns

Few emergencies during the winter are more aggravating than to have a home heating system abruptly cease working. You’ll have to scramble to find repairs and will spend at least a few hours in extreme discomfort. Maintenance will keep your furnace out of the danger zone of sudden breakdowns for the remaining months of winter. (Remember, we still have plenty of winter to go.)

To schedule your heating maintenance in Eugene, OR, call Comfort Flow Heating today! We’ve offered quality services since 1961.

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