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Is It Time for a New Commercial Boiler?

commercial-boilerDoes your commercial space use a boiler to provide comfort in winter, or to keep the building’s climate at a temperature necessary for work? If so, you can’t afford to allow the boiler to run and run until it finally breaks down on you one day and won’t come back on. To prevent this, make sure to keep an eye on its performance—and be sure the building manager knows to as well—so you can call our technicians to arrange for putting in a new boiler before the old one fails.

We’ll look a bit further into the indications that you’re coming near the point where repairs alone aren’t enough and it will be time for a replacement for your commercial boiler in Eugene, OR, or wherever you are in the state. Here are the major signs to watch for.

The boiler is extremely old

How old is “old” for a commercial boiler? With most systems, you can expect around a 30-year lifespan before the system moves into a danger zone where it’s more likely to fail. Older cast iron boilers can last longer, although their lower energy efficiency sometimes makes it more cost-effective to replace after thirty years.

Hot and cold spots around the business

Boilers are capable of sending heat evenly around spaces, which is one of their major benefits compared to forced-air heating systems. But as age catches up with a boiler, it will make it harder for it to create even heating distribution. This will lead to rooms that are stuffier and hotter than they should be and others that are too cold. If you’re heating complaints from customers/tenants/employees about hot and cold spots, have the boiler checked for repairs first, and then see if it needs to be retired.


We recommend having the building manager make monthly checks on the boiler to see if there is evidence of leaking. Moving fast on repairs can sometimes limit leaking to a basic repair issue. But extensive leaks usually means it’s time to have a new boiler put in before the situation gets worse and you end up with water damage.

Heating costs are going up

There are times of the year when you’ll expect to see a rise in the cost to heat your commercial facility, such as the start of winter or during periods of higher occupation. But a steady rise in costs that doesn’t reverse is a warning that the boiler is on the verge of failing. Have professionals repair it if possible, otherwise arrange for a replacement.

Repair frequency is mounting

Does the building manager need to call more than once a year to have the boiler serviced to repair malfunctions? That’s too much. Also be cautious of any repair that would cost more than half the price of installing a new boiler. At this point, you’ll be throwing money away on a boiler that’s due to fail on you at any time. Best to start fresh.

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