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What Type of Air Conditioner Is Right for Me?

If you’re ready to replace your current air conditioning system or you need one for a new home that you’re building, the Salem, OR air conditioning installation experts at Comfort Flow Heating can help. There are a number of different types of air conditioning systems that are available to consumers. This can be frustrating and confusing process to go through so read on to see our simple guide to choosing a new AC system.

How to Choose a New Air Conditioner

Finding an air conditioning system for your home is a big decision. You have to live with that air conditioning system for many years to come which is why it is so critical to find one that is right for your home. The Salem, OR air conditioning installation experts at Comfort Flow Heating have years of experience working with countless homeowners helping them find a new AC system for their home. Here are a few things to keep in mind as you move forward.

  • Type of air conditioner – When it comes to the type of air conditioner that you get in your home there are a few things to consider. You can go with the traditional stand-by of central AC which produces reliable and efficient cooling. However, there are other kinds of air conditioners available. Geothermal air conditioning systems use the free and endless energy of the earth to provide cooling to your home. Ductless mini split air conditioning systems are terrific for homes that don’t have the space for ducts or want zone control in their homes.
  • Cooling capacity – Probably one of the most common mistakes that homeowners make is buying an air conditioning system that tis too big for their home. If you go out and buy the biggest AC unit that you can afford there are a number of negative consequences that this can have. It will likely make your home less comfortable and more humid. Call the Salem, OR air conditioning experts at Comfort Flow Heating and we’ll make sure that your new system matches your home’s needs and your budget.
  • Efficiency rating – Another important thing to think about is the efficiency rating of your new AC system. Air conditioners are given a SEER rating which describes how much cooling they provide over a season based on the amount of energy that they consume. In order to receive an Energy Star rating air conditioners will usually have to meet a SEER 14 rating at least.

Make sure that you contact the Salem, OR air conditioning experts at Comfort Flow Heating for all your services that you need.

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